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TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The eleventh section, by Narvik to Nordkapp

nk2.1Special, really special section will travel today, because the long-awaited special Nordkapp is our goal, but after almost 700 street. I tell you this, to encourage you to not expect stops. We’ll have to be content with the countless reasons that make these next few hours so special. Sometimes dangerous roads (including those without asphalt), two ferries, the environment Lapp, vast horizons and black mountains, glaciers, forests and snow-white villages. When you return, remember to go to Tromso (a city surrounded by forests, fjords and glaciers), but today it looks good on the carpet of lichen that covers the sides of the mountains, hoping to meet some Saami, with its inevitable reindeer.

nk1.1After Langfjordbotn and Oksfjord, we will see the troubled island of Soroya, and arriving at the tip of the Langfjord and Altafjord, we photograph a special thing: the magnificent view of the islands peninsulas. After Alta, we will cross valleys and mountains desolate places where we have more chance to meet Lapps and reindeer grazing. We’ll see desolate tundra and desert that surrounds small hills, arriving on the west bank of Porsangerfjord, with the appointment with the Skarbergtunnel. Still a ferry and – after Honningsvag – we will be at Nordkapp, the most northerly point of Europe, where we request a special diploma, special like us, in that moment.

Thinking of you pleasant thing, we attach the previous articles regarding our TRAVEL IN SCANDINAVIA. We are waiting, the journey continues!

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