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An opportunity to celebrate, wear costumes, masks and participate in cheerful and colorful parades? The carnival. Satire and irony are an integral part of this event. In Italy it is a celebration that plays an important role in folklore connected to the masks of Brighella and Harlequin, Pantalone and Pulcinella, cultivated from Italian comedy together with confetti, floats and parades of all kinds. Some regions have specific masks and events that represent their tradition. The Ivrea Carnival, for example, is famous for the “Battle of the Oranges”, a tradition in which people throw oranges at each other. Located in Acireale, Sicily, the Acireale Carnival is known for its parades and traditional masks. Originating in 1873, the Viareggio Carnival is famous for its floats that parade with enormous papier-mâché caricatures of famous people. In addition to these carnivals, there are numerous other carnivals, such as those of Putignano and Manfredonia, Fano and Sciacca. One of the most famous in the world, the Venice Carnival, is known for its elaborate masks, extremely elegant costumes and the mysterious atmosphere that permeates squares and streets of the city and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

In some cultures, masks are part of religious rituals or ceremonies. Wearing them can have profound and spiritual meanings. Wearing masks awakens the playful and creative nature that slumbers inside each of us. Applied to the face, it lends itself to obtaining a counterfeit or making it impossible to recognize; it is usually made of papier-mâché, cloth or other plastic material, but also of tree bark or feathers, and is used for joking, magical or ritual purposes. Reasons for wearing a mask may include a desire for anonymity and liberation; in fact, a mask allows you to hide your identity and free yourself from social constraints. When you wear a mask, you can express parts of yourself that would normally remain hidden. Masks, any mask, offers you the chance to become someone else for a while. You can even explore different personalities, roles and emotions, a bit like entering a parallel world.

Carnival, and other holidays, are often associated with the use of masks. These celebrations allow us to immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of play and fun, breaking the daily monotony. Masks are a means of artistic expression. They can be elaborate, colorful, scary or funny. Creating or wearing a mask allows us to express our creativity. Masks create a sense of mystery. Who is hiding behind that mask? What secrets could it hide? This element of uncertainty, experiencing Carnival Venice, can be fascinating. In summary, wearing a mask offers you a way to explore, play, express yourself, and connect with ancient and modern traditions. It’s a way to temporarily abandon your everyday identity and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and magic.

Carnival is an opportunity to have fun and let your imagination run free. Choose what inspires you the most and enjoy the party! Here are some ideas for dressing up creatively during the Venice Carnival. You could experiment with DIY masks, made of paper and card, cutting out shapes to create masks. You can add feathers, glitter or other decorative details. Animal masks? Choose your favorite animal and create a mask with ears, whiskers and eyes. Superhero masks? Design or cut out masks inspired by your favorite superheroes. Use makeup to create special effects on your face; you can become a skull, an alien or a fantasy character. Add glitter, rhinestones or colorful designs to make the makeup even more spectacular. Or buy ready-made masks; There are many options, from classic Venetian masks to horror masks. Eye masks, on the other hand, are small masks that only cover the eyes; at the Venice Carnival you can buy an elegant or mysterious one starting from just five euros. Facial accessories can also help you; experiment with extravagant sunglasses or ones with colored lenses. Fake Beard or Mustache? Why not? If you want a fun look, go for it! Top hats, pirate or cowboy hats, as well as flower crowns, add a finishing touch to your costume.

During Carnival, Venice comes alive with a vibrant and colorful celebration, but Venetian cuisine, also offers an array of culinary delights that you can’t miss. Bigoli, a handmade pasta similar to spaghetti and with a rough and porous surface, are accompanied by a sauce based on onions and anchovies melted in olive oil. This dish is a delight for fish lovers. Another typical Venetian dish, an explosion of flavors and tradition, is risi e bisi, a poor dish of peasant cuisine, made with rice, peas, bacon and parsley. Polenta in different variations, such as the traditional yellow one prepared with corn flour or the white one with white corn flour, is the main food of Venetian cuisine and goes equally well with fish, meat or vegetable dishes. During Carnival, the city’s pastry shops offer a variety of traditional desserts: frittole are fried desserts made from leavened dough, while galani are thin strips of fried dough covered in icing sugar. Aperitif in Piazza San Marco? Sit in one of the historic bars and enjoy an aperitif with prosecco or spritz. Don’t miss the opportunity to photograph the historical procession of the Maries, from the Castello district to Piazza San Marco, an event that recalls an important historical episode for Venice. Finally, the Maria winner of the previous Carnival competition is invited to come down from the Bell Tower to the stage in the Square, with one flight she will leave you breathless.

Venice is dressed in mystery, but its souvenirs are equally fascinating. Venetian masks are a symbol of Carnival, but the original ones, soft, light and breathable, are handmade with papier-mâché and gauze on several layers; you can buy one at Ca’ del Sol. If your budget allows it, consider purchasing an authentic Carnival costume which, rich and elegant, will make you feel part of Venetian history. The island of Murano is famous for its blown glass production; buy a piece, you will be sure to take home an authentic souvenir. Venice is renowned for its handcrafted jewelry: unique earrings, necklaces or rings created by local master goldsmiths. The island of Burano is famous for its lace and lace. Look for high-quality fabrics, silk or velvet, to create a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing or accessory. Furlane, traditional handmade slippers available in various colors and styles, are perfect for an unusual souvenir. If you are passionate about books, look for bookstores that specialize in old books. Bring home some sweetness with traditional biscuits like baicoli or zaleti. The only purpose of this site is to spread the knowledge of these creative people, allowing others to distinguish their works. If you want to know our travels, you can type The intellectual properties of the images appearing on this blog correspond to their authors.


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