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VENICE, A TRIP IN THE DREAM AND ELSEWHERE – Where the sailing ships carried the winds of other worlds in their sails

The stars fade with envy, seeing the charms of Venice emerge from the fog The knowledge of the contexts we visit is synesthetic, because we put all our senses at stake. Places have memory. They remember everything. This is what Wim Wenders writes in Places, a book with photographic shots, made in twenty years of travel. Starting from this …

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CALCULATED FRAMES AND SHAPES OF COMPOSITION – Fulvio Roiter, a life as a photographer

Characters and objects in rectangular formats On this trip, we also suggest you exercise your olfactory memory, because Venetian gastronomy is a succession of aromas and flavors that deserve to be tasted, such as the risi e bisi, the dish of the Doges. In Venice, the Osteria La Zucca, has a door on the shore that allows customers to …

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SIMPLICITY AND TIMELESS QUALITY – Henriette Negrin: Sumptuous textiles, by complex and multifarious designs

When creativiy grow with garments up-to-date You can choose between velvets, taffeta and printed cottons. They furnish world famous buildings and are as precious as jewels. We are talking about Venetian fabrics, those that make you capture the soul of the city, offering you a fascinating visit itinerary. In the San Marco district, you can admire damasks and brocades in …

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THE ARISTOCRAT DABBLER WHO PERSUED MUSICAL COMPOSITION – Benedetto Marcello: A music characterized by imagination and fine technique

Setting the stage for Classical in Western music In 1713, 24 of his cantatas for solo voice and basso continuo, performed weekly in private academies, date back to 1713, but he also cultivated a passion for instrumental music, including sonatas for harpsichord, cello and bass. To get to know the splendor of Venice, in addition to appreciating its pictorial school, …

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TO BE A REAL MASTER OF THE VENETIAN ROCOCO – Jacopo Amigoni, a prolific 18th century Venetian painter

Artworks combined French Rococo and Tiepolo In a Venice that had assumed the role of a cosmopolitan city, curious travelers had the opportunity to appreciate the Venetian pictorial school Giambattista Tiepolo, Canaletto and Francesco Guardi were the most representative exponents. Over time, the sumptuous models of the French Rococo, of which Jacopo Amigoni became the undisputed master. Painter, drafter …

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CARNIVAL TIME – Venice’s party colors in art paintings

It’s CARNIVAL TIME If you hear some discussion about carnivals in Europe, what would be your first association?  Most of us probably think of the annually Carnival in Venice. Today, this carnival is a huge celebration, that lasts for two weeks. While several events require invitations and have steep ticket prices, many others, like the candle-lit parade of boats, concerts, and street performances are …

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