IMAGE 2: Dastilige Nevante in free interpretation of Camillo Innocenti.

In a digital artist’s interpretation, “Tenth Muse” is inspiration itself.

We want to introduce you to a virtual meeting place that celebrates art in all its forms, where you can explore the works of artists, thinkers and dreamers from around the world. Welcome to where the ephemeral and creativity meet, where you can immerse yourself in the stories and works of any artist. If you are passionate about art or simply curious, we invite you to type on Meeting Benches to discover a world of inspiration and beauty. You will discover that the “Tenth Muse” is a fascinating legendary figure who sitsTenth Muse on the border between myth and reality. While the traditional Greek Muses were nine sister daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the Tenth Muse represents a more elusive and mysterious entity.

IMAGE 3: Dastilige Nevante in free interpretation of Camillo Innocenti.

The Muses, nine sisters led by Apollo, were female divinities of the Greek religion who represented the ideal of art understood as the truth of the “Everything” and the magnificence of the “Divine”. Cinematography, considered the Tenth Muse, has drawn inspiration from the other arts. This definition, used by Jean Cocteau to describe cinematography, celebrates the power of cinema as an art form. In summary, the Tenth Muse represents inspiration, creativity and art in different forms, including digital. Digital art is a fascinating field that uses digital technology as part of the creative or display process. Since the 1970s, various terms have been used to describe this process, including “computer art” and “multimedia art”.

IMAGE 5: Dastilige Nevante in free interpretation of Camillo Innocenti.

Digital artists express themselves through various forms of expression, such as digital paintings, made with digital drawing or painting software instead of brushes and pencil. This art form can be generated completely by computers, as in the case of fractals, or taken from other sources, such as a scan of a photograph or an image drawn with the aid of vector graphics software. Furthermore, digital art is often included under the umbrella term of “new media art“. It is fascinating to see how digital technologies have radically transformed disciplines such as painting, drawing, sculpture and music, opening up new creative possibilities, even reinterpreting the pictorial style of other artists.

IMAGE 6: Dastilige Nevante in free interpretation of Camillo Innocenti.

Camillo Innocenti, for example, was influenced by various masters and artistic movements. In the period between the late 1880s and early 1890s, Innocenti made the modern and bold painting of Antonio Mancini his own. During a stay in Francavilla sul Mare, however, Innocenti came into contact with Francesco Paolo Michetti, a meeting that profoundly influenced Innocenti’s youthful painting. After participating in the Venice Biennials, he was finally influenced by international modern painting. It was from that moment that, with a personal and broad style, he began to paint modern women represented in scenes of everyday life. In summary, Innocenti’s influences range from 19th century Italian masters to contemporary artistic movements, including in digital art, contributing to his elegant and modern painting.

IMAGE 1: Dastilige Nevante in free interpretation of Camillo Innocenti.

Camillo Innocenti was an Italian painter known for his modern, elegant and international painting. In his early works, one can notice the influence of Italian painters of the second half of the 19th century. After numerous stays abroad, gradually, with a style characterized by broad brushstrokes, he moved towards painting very elegant women portrayed in everyday life. His pointillist works with attention to social themes were exhibited at the 1903 Venice Biennale, together with artists such as Giacomo Balla, Enrico Lionne and Arturo Noci. Some of his works include “The Lipstick,” “The Holidaymakers” and “The Sultana.” The images in this article, created by the digital artist Dastilige Nevante, are inspired by his particular attention to the female figure, reinterpreting her style in his own way. Type in photographers if you want to know more.


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