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YOUR HOUSE IN GREECE: Holidays in Sporades Islands, Skiathos

You’ll find lush landscaping, yes, in Greece. You find pine-clad mountains, rivers, and (of course), beaches without borders. If you like privacy (of course), you can choose from many coves, really suitable for complete relaxation. You will not find more pirates on these islands, but a special folklore, full of lively traditions.http://www.skiathos.gr/

skiatos1.1Among these islands, today we offer Skiatos, because its beautiful landscapes – dotted with churches and monasteries – are something precious. Starting from the capital city, I precisarti to observe and photograph its red-roofed houses, wrapped in small streets. http://www.ownersdirect.co.uk/skiathos.htm

skiatos2.1If you like seafood, I suggest you go on the western tip of the island, looking at the fish market, the boats and little boats, the ones who can take you on a memorable day trip, on beaches where – I I am sure – you would like to remain longer. If you want to take an excursion Earth, this island hides (in its northern hinterland), a treasure chest full of green pines and olive trees, churches and monasteries. http://www.skiathosproperty.com/us/index.htm


Before returning to the city, stopped a little. Close your eyes and listen to the concert of nature, where the musicians (streams and birds), read the old score of unspoiled nature. Remember the church of Profitis IFIAS (within walking distance are a special taverna, with beautiful scenery included in price). http://www.skiathos.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=38%3Arestaurants&id=135%3AMouria-Taverna&Itemid=123&lang=en

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