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TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The ninth section, by Trondheim to Mo i Rana

ghiacciaio.1Welcome, again, in our camper directed towards the great north. Today, along the ninth section of our journey I will accompany you in what is most dramatic and sensational my country is able to give to your sensibility of travelers. As you know, my name is Arne, my land is Norway, but because I love to travel, wherever I’m wonder to add to my eyes, there I find a new piece of my vast land. As perhaps is the case, those who choose a trip to Scandinavia, imagine the kingdom of ice and rocks steeply above the sea, pine, birch and reindeer. In my experience, all the friends I have had the opportunity to accompany (or recommend), they all have the same characteristic: to cross the Arctic Circle (of course, returning home with the special diploma certifying this transit). Crossing that latitude, do not forget that we will be 650 meters above sea level.lago.1

Why do I say this? Simple: the tundra that will meet today, it has a father (the sea), and a mother (latitude), which is why all the trees disappear, leaving our eyes only stones. After Steinkjer, we pause – briefly – to collect some pictures (along the northern shore of Lake Snåsavatnet, and count all its islands, it’s absolutely delicious). After Grong, another obligatory stop, because even the cascade of Lakfoss deserves to be photographed. Shortly before arriving at our final destination, even a brief stop in the tiny town of Hemnesberget (those photographers you will not be richly embroidered silk, but an intricate series of fjords). Mo i Rana. This is our destination for today, we will not forget for three reasons: to observe the glacier Svartisen, cross the Arctic Circle at 66 33 ‘north latitude, dine in the restaurant Bimbo Veikro (Saltfjellveien 34, Mo i Rana 8613), with a very nice location, overlooking the river and the mountains (nice atmosphere, very tasty and not too expensive).ristorante.1


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