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Search Results for: TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: Seventh stage

TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: Seventh stage, from Bergen in Alesund. Almost 400 km of difficult beauty

Welcome back to my camper, to continue our trip to Scandinavia. Now you know why we stopped in Bergen a extra day: today there is a strenuous itinerary, with a road full of curves (even without asphalt), but your eyes have to be prepared to let the “pure beauty”. We can use six ferries (two hours by sea), but through …

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TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The thirteenth section, by Haparanda in Stockholm

Almost 1100 km in front of us, the journey that lies ahead. In two days we will travel the stretch Swedish Baltic, what we move away from the large northern Europe. We will observe a uniform landscape of pine forests and cities, but as always, will be the small villages and meetings unusual ones that will enrich the experience. …

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TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The twelfth section, by Nordkap to Haparanda

Almost 800 km. Get ready for a long journey – without doubt the most beautiful Lapland, who will accompany us throughout our journey today, from the North Cape to Haparanda, on the Baltic Sea. From Karasjok Anarjokka we arrive on deck, getting in Finland, in the land where the midnight sun lasts two months (June and July). We will cross …

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TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The eleventh section, by Narvik to Nordkapp

Special, really special section will travel today, because the long-awaited special Nordkapp is our goal, but after almost 700 street. I tell you this, to encourage you to not expect stops. We’ll have to be content with the countless reasons that make these next few hours so special. Sometimes dangerous roads (including those without asphalt), two ferries, the environment Lapp, …

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TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The tenth section, by Mo i Rana to Narvik

Ready for our tenth day in Scandinavia? Well, today a path undemanding – just 350 km – that will lead up to Narvik, the port (or rather, “the door”) to the islands of Lofoten and Vesteralen. Released from Mo i Rana, Rana travel along the great valley of meadows and forests of birch, but we will have to make a …

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TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The ninth section, by Trondheim to Mo i Rana

Welcome, again, in our camper directed towards the great north. Today, along the ninth section of our journey I will accompany you in what is most dramatic and sensational my country is able to give to your sensibility of travelers. As you know, my name is Arne, my land is Norway, but because I love to travel, wherever I’m wonder …

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