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THE IRRIVERENT STYLIST OF THE FASHION WORLD – Franco Moschino, the pop stylist of Italian fashion

A stylist and his way of doing fashion For him, a nonconformist fashion designer who loved to be considered a painter and decorator, there was no creativity without chaos. To finance his studies, he worked as a freelance fashion illustrator for fashion houses and magazines. Franco Moschino https://www.moschino.com/eeu_en/ was born in Abbiategrasso, had interested in fine art and moved to …

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LOVE FOR FASHION, ITALY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP – Domenico Dolce and Sicily, his inspiring muse

Being born in Sicily, where wherever you go there is beauty One of the most beautiful villages in Sicily, which seems to float above a sea of clouds, is Polizzi Generosa https://www.italythisway.com/places/polizzi.php. Nestled above the Madonie Mountains, it has very ancient origins. Its urban center reminds you of a distant architectural splendor never spent. Its gastronomic heritage offers you Badda …

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A combination of creative authenticity, quality and beauty Your visit to Siena http://www.italyheaven.co.uk/siena.html starts from Piazza del Campo, the same where the Palio takes place, where tourists and inhabitants admire the palaces and the monuments that surround it. With its trapezoidal shape, the square is slightly downhill towards the center, where a copy of the fifteenth-century work by Jacopo della …

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BEYOND FASHIONS AND COMMONPLACES – Kristina Ti, a way of being more than a way of dressing

She conquers the head first of all Among its typical restaurants, the Antica Trattoria della Rosa Rossa http://www.ristoranterosarossa.net/cucina-tipica-piemontese.html offers you a Piedmontese tasting menu, with Cruda di Fassone antipasto beaten with a knife. Moncalieri, city of art and history, where the Knights Templar have a bridge dedicated to them, which controls the passages on the Po River. Its Royal Castle …

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CONTEMPORARY COUTURE – Tiziana Sidoti: Dream dresses

Sidoti Fashion Concept Store, Genoa For a long time it has been a source of strong interest for travelers, photographers and painters. As G. Chabrol de Volvic wrote in 1824, among the varieties of Ligurian costumes, the brigasco stands out, which gives a lot to women. In its variants for work and holidays, it constitutes a unicum in western Liguria. …

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