BEYOND FASHIONS AND COMMONPLACES – Kristina Ti, a way of being more than a way of dressing

She conquers the head first of all

Among its typical restaurants, the Antica Trattoria della Rosa Rossa offers you a Piedmontese tasting menu, with Cruda di Fassone antipasto beaten with a knife. Moncalieri, city of art and history, where the Knights Templar have a bridge dedicated to them, which controls the passages on the Po River. Its Royal Castle, dates back to the Middle Ages. Ideal for shopping, via Real Collegio awaits you with its shops. If you are looking for an outlet, go to the Thames, where you will find the dreams of Kristina T.

Japanese women with a gentle but intrinsically strong image are perfect for her collections. Trusted external laboratories use its machines to guarantee a certain level of quality. The secret of her processing is to impart refined effects to the fabric. She have focused her creative focus on underwear and casual sportswear. Between innocence and seduction, Kristina Ti collections seduce you with the originality and quality of the materials. Daughter of art, that is of the Thames of Moncalieri (swimwear), her production ranges from knitted swimsuit effect swimsuits to murmasky capes. One of her single-brand showrooms is waiting for you in Turin in via Maria Vittoria 18/g.

When she was in high school, she wore a uniform, but she enjoyed personalizing it, with a mother’s brooch or a colored scarf. Her creative recipe is simple: do not forget the value of elegance and sobriety, add a touch of eccentric imagination and have constant attention to detail. Her is a minimal and sensual fashion. Now, Kristina Ti has her own boutiques, but she had started working in her father’s company, experimenting with materials and processes. For her, the details make the difference. It is no coincidence if the internal seams reveal a lot about the quality of the tailoring work.

Almost everything she uses is made in Piedmont and the work takes place within the company, with its own pattern makers and tailors. Her genre without frontiers has traveled the globe. It is no coincidence that among her clients are women like Catherine Deneuve, Penelope Cruz and Afef Tronchetti Provera. Fascinated by the past, of which she has been able to catalog the codes of femininity, she ended her journey of creative identification in Turin, that is, in the city from which she started. Behind Kristina Ti, you find Cristina Tardito, the artist who, sailing in fashion, made her debut in swimwear and underwear.

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