Fashion trends, something that has to do with our way of life

Whether you are attracted by the elegance of Raphael‘s idealized reality, the avant-garde creations of Rei Kawakubo or the intriguing blend of naturalism and refined expressiveness, this space invites you to explore the beauty, compositional balance and formal perfection that they are found in various artistic expressions. Whether you are an art enthusiast, traveler, or simply curious, it offers you a delightful journey through artistic realms. If you want to get to know other creative people who have contributed to enriching international fashion scene, you can type http://meetingbenches.com/category/boutique_travel/. The property of the images that appear in this blog correspond to their authors. Whether you are an experienced traveler or planning your first adventure, you will find a wide range of useful accessories to make your trip more enjoyable and organized. For further details about travel accessories that allow you to travel from one place to another comfortably, visit the website https://www.accessoridaviaggio.eu/.

In compliance with copyright, to admire fashion clothes and accessories we suggest you type in the individual reference links; however, referring to the style of five famous stylists, we have created some digital images for you that will make reading pleasant. We won’t suggest where to find eye masks, travel pillows, portable chargers or liquid container sets. We have selected something more original than a suitcase, a trolley or a travel backpack. Therefore, on the route of fashion trends, we offer you the purchase of a flight package that includes these three destinations: Milan, Paris and London. Welcome to our alternative travel boutique.

Milan Fashion Week https://fashionweekonline.com/milan/schedule is an opportunity to explore the creations of Italian and foreign fashion houses, and draw inspiration for the looks of the next cold season. We want to talk to you about some trends that emerged during the fashion shows. In celebration of Iceberg‘s 50th anniversary https://www.iceberg.com/us/, their leather trench coat in lemon shade is truly a must-have. The citric color, a hymn to life, energetic and vibrant, is truly perfect so as not to go unnoticed. By Onitsuka Tiger https://www.onitsukatiger.com/us/en-us/, we suggest a slip dress with very thin straps and lots of sequins, a mix of imperturbability and romance. In addition to being a stylist he is a skilled storyteller. The red coat by Antonio Marras https://antoniomarras.com/, a garment that tells noteworthy stories, could allow you to wear it in all situations. Etro‘s paisley prints https://www.etro.com/us-en/ are back in style; in fact, they were present in the collection that celebrates their iconic fantasy. Total white? Always trendy. Martino Midali https://www.martinomidali.com/en/ also proposed elegant and minimalist looks in this shade.

Whether you are a fashion expert or simply an enthusiast, Paris Fashion Week https://www.fhcm.paris/enis an opportunity to discover innovative and fascinating creations that will inspire you for the next summer season. Here is a brief overview of this unmissable event for fashion enthusiasts, its fashion shows, the big names in fashion and emerging talents. You will discover that even in Paris the classic contrast between black and white is back in vogue; stylists, in fact, presented elegant and sophisticated looks in these timeless shades. The aesthetic inspired by the world of work and manual workers has been reinterpreted in a chic way, but with functional pockets, sturdy belts and resistant materials. The fringes? With this detail that adds movement and charm to looks, we can tell you for sure that they are back in style, from clothes to bags. From pastel shades to the boldest pinks, pink in all its shades dominated the fashion shows, especially with dresses with strategic openings and bold cuts, adding originality to the clothing items.

Finally, talking to you about London Fashion Week https://londonfashionweek.co.uk/, a major event in the world of fashion which is held in London twice a year, in the month of February and in September, we can tell you that this celebration of fashion has attracted the attention of hundreds of designers and a global audience of influential media and retailers. Its 2024 edition, a hybrid event, with a combination of digital and physical presentations, showcasing collections for both men and women, celebrated the event’s 40th anniversary. Among the designers on display there was no shortage of iconic names such as Burberry, ERDEM, JW Anderson, Molly Goddard and Simone Rocha https://simonerocha.com/, an emerging designer where tradition and modernity meet, giving life to unique and fascinating creations. Simone has created a universe that mixes classicism and innovation, traditional and modern influences, with a strong emphasis on femininity and art. A master of adding romantic details to her dresses, through embroidery and light fabrics that create a fairytale atmosphere, Rocha’s creations embody a fascinating duality with clean lines and delicate fabrics.


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