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Your visit to Siena starts from Piazza del Campo, the same where the Palio takes place, where tourists and inhabitants admire the palaces and the monuments that surround it. With its trapezoidal shape, the square is slightly downhill towards the center, where a copy of the fifteenth-century work by Jacopo della Quercia, the Fonte Gaia, awaits you. Walking near the Duomo, you will certainly also be attracted to the shops that sell artistic ceramics. If you are born here and have a creative vocation, the colors of the Palio and the magnificence of the ceramics enter the style of your clothes, just like what happened to a woman from Siena.

Graduated in Business Studies Economics, Irene Mattei was born in 1985 in Siena. From an early age, she had fun with colored pencils, drawing lines and blurring the outlines on sheets of paper. The passion for beautiful things, combined with the care of a work that it has been passed down over time, allows the clothes produced by Asia Neri original tailoring expressions, meticulously attentive to the details of Made in Tuscany. Her artisanship finds expression in manual skills, bringing with it the ancient Tuscan tradition of art. With her brand, where everything is delicacy, flair and linearity, Irene Mattei offers you simplicity and elegance.

With a marked predisposition for the creative arts, Irene Mattei adored from an early age to combine colors in her grandmother’s artisan workshop, admiring the tailor’s dexterity. By wearing one of his clothes, you realize that you are in contact with natural materials that is why your energies flow without tension. Attention to tradition is express in Asia Neri in the interest in the environment, with the use of natural yarns that match our energy rhythms. For Irene Mattei, the fabric is a second skin, something that wraps you, giving you feelings of well-being and pleasure.

Breathing everything that revolved around the creation of a dress, Irene Mattei already knew the smell of fabrics as a child, adored the colored threads and the noise of the sewing machine. By creating a refined balance between glamor and tradition, this brand manages to make clothes with a refined elegance. With her clothes, Asia Neri enhances the inner beauty of the woman, enhancing her elegance. The creative goal of its founder, Irene Mattei, is to enrich every woman in the world. Italian tradition and Tuscan tailoring, they are the invisible fabric of a brand for luxury clothes, but also of entirely handmade shirts.

In addition to the eccentricity of their decorations, his sartorial creations with a vigorous theatrical dimension stand out due to the formal redundancy and complexity of the weaves. One of her collections, is inspire by the luxury, extravagances and anachronisms of the 17th century in Spain. Irene Mattei began making her first sketches on paper in the high school years, which is why she enrolled at the SITAM professional fashion institute in Padua, earning her diploma as a figurine artist. Asia Neri’s woman is an elegant, simple and feminine woman for Irene Mattei.

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