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TOP TYPICAL RUSSIAN FOOD – Your special Russian dinner at the Gum

Dinner tends to be a big, social affair for the whole family, also for Russian people. Russian dinner is eaten around 7 or 8 p.m. at the earliest in Russia. Restaurants serve dinner quite late and will likely be surprised at 5 p.m. guests. A typical Russian dinner consists of one or more salads, which are heavy, filled with potatoes …

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FLORENTINE SHOPPING – In a wonderful city, buying opportunities for all budgets.

After admiring works of art and unique architecture in the world, maybe it’s time to go shopping in Florence, a city with an ancient tradition of craftsmanship, not only for clothing, but also for souvenirs really special. No fear! You will nothave spend too much to go shopping! Among luxury boutiques and outlets, workshops and outdoors markets, certainly encounter …

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GIORGIO ARMANI, AN ANCIENT FEELING: Meet what amazes you, in the suggestion of architectural languages of Bramante, an amazing man, a gift of the Italian Renaissance

I dress Armani, Giorgio Armani, but not because it sets the trend, rather, because the things that he imagines and transformed into clothes, or perfume, they have – at least for me – all an identical feature: tonal, join what I are “inside”, what I want to be “out”. Hello, I’m Michele, an Italian, and I live in Milan, from …

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