CARTOON ‘S FILIPINO WAVE – Fred Carrillo, among pioneers of Philippine Komiks illustration

Drawing pencils and inks, image size 10″ x 15″

During World War II, he began by designing propaganda material for a guerrilla movement. Born in Kalibo (Aklan, Philippines) in 1926, Fred Carrillo studied fine arts and architecture at the University of Santo Tomas. After the war, he began his career as an artist working for DC Comics. With his partner Romy Lachica, a reporter for the Manila Times, he made a miniseries entitled Ronnie Belo, Police Reporter.

Between the 70s and 80s, Fred Carrillo drew Ghosts, Phantom Stranger, Weird War Tales and The Witching Hour. Leaving the comic book industry, he collaborated on some animation projects, including He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. In 1972, his work began to appear in the United States, where he adapted classics such as William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as Oliver Twist among others.

At an early age, everyone recognized in Fred Carrillo a great creative ability in drawing. In fact, already in elementary school, he made images drawing inspiration from textbooks. When World War II broke out, he designed propaganda material for a guerrilla movement, an experience that in peacetime led him to draw his first strip: Pompi. His career has spanned Filipino komiks, American comics and international animation.

From war and horror comics from the 70s, to cartoons from the 80s and 90s, he has done it all. He was among the first Filipino illustrators to be hire to work on the DC Comics horror comics. Fred Carrillo–378654281145242064/ used his time working freelance in animation. After having dedicated himself to animation and scenography, his creative curiosity finally found a landing in the illustration of comics. A friend of his introduced him to the boss of ACE Publications, and that very meeting generated three decades of fruitful artistic collaboration.

For ACE Publications, as exclusive illustrator, Fred Carrillo created Daluyong, followed by illustrated in semi-cartoon style Daryo ang Mahiwagang Bata. Together with the writer Clodualdo Del Mundo, he illustrated Hercules, Misteryso and Kayumanging Krisantemo. In the 1980s, he illustrated Dick Tracy for the Walt Disney Studios. As layout artist, background artist and character designer for Filmation Studios, he returned to the animation field television series.

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