WHEN COMMOTION IS A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION – Nelson Bohol and his inspired work in the animation industry

The Filipino animator who made it big in Hollywood

From his point of view, being an animated film designer is no different than being an action film designer. Having children too, he knows how to juggle the responsibilities of having a family and professional one. As a father of four, when he returns to the Philippines, he regularly visits the places where he grew up and where the rest of his family live. His alternative names are Reynaldo Bohol and Rey Bohol. In August 2000, after graduating in architecture, artist designer Nelson Bohol https://ciit.edu.ph/successful-filipino-animators/ joined Pixar Animation Studios in San Lorenzo, California, becoming famous for his Princezná Anastázia, Titan A.E. and Wall-E.

In recent years, this Filipino animator has lived his dream by working at the company he perceives as his personal playground. His contribution to the making of an animated film has a script-based approach, from which to draw basic images on which to animate the narrative plot. Nelson Bohol https://www.linkedin.com/in/nelson-bohol-4514aa89 made a tremendous creative contribution to the making of The Incredibles. This shy boy from Pangdan, Hinabangan, Samar, prefers to draw than chat. After working as a production designer on Inside Out and Monster University, he became well known for adding the Bahay Kubo in Finding Nemo.

His creative streak has added Filipino overtones to the animated projects he is involved in. In fact, in making The Incredibles and taking inspiration from Palawan, he helped create the atmosphere of a hideout. As he candidly acknowledged, growing up watching cartoons led him to work in the motion picture animation industry. As a set designer, Nelson Bohol https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/cbb/content/309499/pinoy-artist-cited-in-monsters-university-fun-facts/story/ has focused his creative attitude on perfecting sets that are consistent with the style of the film to be made.

In Manila, he graduated in Animation and Illustration. He was inspired by the story of Brad Bird, the family who had problems in the same way as any family. Japanese anime was influential for him as an artist, in fact, they pushed him to draw in the animation industry. His background in architecture has helped him in the construction of many film sets. Among the many talented people, Pixar also attracted Nelson Bohol https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/showbiz/showbizabroad/650434/meet-the-3-filipino-animators-who-worked-on-lsquo-incredibles-2-rsquo/story/.

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