HUMOROUS COMICS FOR BOYS – Tiberio Colantuoni: drawing when comics seemed useless and detrimental

A brilliant cartoonist, between the sixties and seventies

In the early 1960s, he was influenced by the American cartoonist Don Martin. Born in Rome in 1935, Tiberio Colantuoni studied at the School of Ceramic Art in Civita Castellana, then devoting himself briefly to the activity of a ceramic painter. In 1953, after meeting the designer Jacovitti – who taught him the rudiments to become a good cartoonist – he abandoned ceramics to devote himself exclusively to comics. In the 1960s, Bongo’s little readers love that gorilla so much that between 1970 and 1976 it even had its own independent newspaper.

In our time, his comics of Popeye, Nonna Abelarda and Geppo are perceived as an art form. The choice to devote himself to comics was also encouraged by the meeting with the manager of an agency distributing comic books for children. Tiberio Colantuoni decided to move to Milan, where he attended the Brera Academy and came into contact with the publisher of two highly successful comics. He not only made scripts and drawings for the stories of Pinocchio and Popeye, but also humorous cartoons in a newspaper, as well as illustrations for Mondadori. If you love light fiction, the editor Sbam! published in 2020 a book by this designer, “The Story of Pattumix”

He creatively lived the world of comics in the sixties and seventies, when they were defined as useless and uneducative. His debut as a comic book author took place in 1954, with “In the abysses of the Jam”, starring Cucciolo, Beppe, and Tiramolla. The following year, for the Bianconi publisher, Tiberio Colantuoni focused his creative vein on Volpetto and the gorilla Bongo, as well as on the criminal brothers Nik and Nok. After collaborating with Bottaro, Chendi and Rebuffi, he also designed for an author who chose Giovan Battista Carpi as his model of creativity. You can purchase one of his memorable strips at Art Salon

His Bongo in vest, breeches and hat, was an elegant gorilla skilled at creating gigantic signs. Tiberio Colantuoni made comic episodes published by the German Kauka Verlag, collaborated with the publisher Campi and created the character Big Tom for the “Corriere dei Piccoli”. He was the author of a strip on ecological problems and in 1974 he made cartoons for Mickey Mouse. He died in Cerano d’Intelvi on a day in January 2007. We advise you to take a dip in the past to appreciate his genuine comics. You will discover not the magazines, but the faithful companions of many happy childhoods.

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