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HUMOROUS COMICS FOR BOYS – Tiberio Colantuoni: drawing when comics seemed useless and detrimental

A brilliant cartoonist, between the sixties and seventies In the early 1960s, he was influenced by the American cartoonist Don Martin. Born in Rome in 1935, Tiberio Colantuoni https://www.lucianobottaro.it/la-biografia/tiberio-colantuoni/ studied at the School of Ceramic Art in Civita Castellana, then devoting himself briefly to the activity of a ceramic painter. In 1953, after meeting the designer Jacovitti – who taught …

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THE ADVENTURES OF PINOCCHIO – Children’s novel by Carlo Collodi

An animated puppet, the lies and the growth of one’s nose Welcome to Collodi https://www.collodi.com/, the town of Pinocchio (May 27 is his birthday), where among the houses perched one above the other, a writer found his inspiration for his novel for children. The adventures of Pinocchio, 220 translations in as many languages, will tell you the story of the …

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Drink Chianti, listening to Bocelli, on green velvet You can go there to appreciate its extraordinary artistic offer, or simply to let yourself be enveloped by its landscapes. If you want to walk in remote mountain paths, pedal on hills full of curves, or sail in a sea dotted with islands, you will have to go right here. Foreigners choose …

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