NOT A FASHION DESIGNS, BUT THE SPIRIT OF KOREA – The Hwang Leesle fashion style marathon

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It was in 2014 that she started her brand Leesle. In the Parisian summer of 2017, she made a long journey from Korea to present an attractive variation of a very traditional piece of clothing (the hanboklei). She studied Public Relations, however, she realised that was more passionate in designing clothes. She would do whatever it takes to to improve her style clothing. Using fabrics (such as cotton or bamboo), she designs modernized versions of the traditional hanbok. She has taken the traditional hanbok, transforming it into elegant everyday wear. Therefore, thinking about Hwang Leesle, you need to imagine also modern-style outfits worn by a K-pop girl group.

Sure, hanboks are limited to the late Joseon era, but in her perception, there are many other forms of hanbok. Therefore, she feels the creative need to transform and wearable the kind of elegance that comes from the distant past. She is from Jeonju (Jeolla Province), and opened first shop in her hometown in 2007. She decided needed to go to an academy, attend seminars, improve herself in exhibitions and attain a Masters in Clothing and Textiles. Designed for both men and women, Hwang Leesle creations are uniquely attractive. Considered the quintessence of the Korean way of dressing, a hanbok is composed of a jeogori (a blouse) and a Cima (a wrap-around skirt normally worn in its entirety). Unafraid to break the fashion rules, her business has attracted both local and international customers.

She had think fashion need looking for something new. Her very original stylistic perspective allows her to create playful clothes to wear every day. Her inspiration for creating contemporary styled hanboks came from a comic book. When she was young, she did not like fashion, however, Hwang Leesle Ioved sewing, drawing and cutting up paper art, and had thought about becoming a painter but finished to experiment with fabrics. Paying attention to details (starting form stitching, until zips and ribbons), she need place emphasis on using best cotton.

Since her fashion beginning, she have been picturing non-Asian people wearing hanboks. When she wanted to create something appealing to younger people and practical for everyday wear, and it was her mother who helped her with the cutting and sewing. While had think to a traditional hanbok of silk and hemp, Hwang Leesle started by experimenting wifferent types of fabrics and colour combinations bright and contrasting colours. When she first started selling online, she was amazed at the consumer’s positive response to her combine oriental and western styles. She has kept her flagship store in Jeonju, but her brand operates pop-up shops in Seoul, where her customers can visit three pop-up stores.

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