TO DISTILL A FEELING, CALM THEM ALL – Jungjin Lee, the mirages of the mind and a desert where to look at yourself

Before taking pictures, you need to feel the abstract atmosphere where you are

Experiences with ceramics, painting and calligraphy helped to influence his approach to photography. Born in Korea in 1961, she started photographing in the early 1980s. She is appreciate for her photographic work printed on handmade mulberry paper. She loves to create photographic landscapes that mix traditions of painting and photography, both Eastern and Western. After completing her education at New York University in Major in Photography, Jungjin Lee decided to live and work in that city, but her BFA in Major in Ceramics was born in 1984 at Hong Ik University in Seoul, Korea.

She started photographing in her first year of college, but despite being self-taught, she was mysteriously draw to the idea of working as a photographer. She traveled to Israel and the West Bank, where focused on the particular landscape of the Negev, in the desert regions of the south. Then, to create additional layers to better characterize those journeys, she also resorted to digital techniques. As a photographer, she is interested in the unconscious, the unknown and the invisible. Jungjin Lee first solo exhibition was in 1984, at French Cultural Center “Europe,” Seoul, while the last, in 2021, at Art Space Lumos “SIMMANI” (Daegu, Korea).

She pay no attention to the boundaries between the arts. In fact, from her point of view, photography, painting and poetry can indifferently contribute to expressing one’s inner self. She loves to follow her intuitions, so in approaching a place she prefers to tune in creatively to a type of abstract idea. When she goes for the first time to some unknown place, it happens very often to leave the camera inside her bag. First, she meditates and gives up all her anxieties, because only in this way can she perceive the place. Speaking of group exhibitions, Jungjin Lee began with that of 1985, at the Paris Museum of Modern Art, while her last participation is that of 2021, at the 34th Biennale di San Paolo, in Brazil.

Selected collections of her photographic creativity are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the FNAC in Paris and the Shinsegae in Seoul, Korea. In 1990, Jungjin Lee was award by the New York Camera Club, while in 2018 she won the AIGA Book Competition, again in New York. As for the commissioned works, she create The Everglades Project Imaging Eden of the Norton Museum of Art, in Florida. If you want to buy some of her publications, we recommend her 2018 book A Lonely Cabin in a Far Away Island.

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