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KOREAN WAYS TO SAY I CREATE – The many avenues of artistic imagination, in South Korea

People, raw materials, accessories and tools for South Korean creativity The canon of beauty that concerns the human being collects the most desirable characteristics of physical beauty; yet, it has expressed itself in various forms in history and in artistic expressions. The Korean ideal of beauty connected to white and glowing skin contributes to social success. Contemplating Korean beauty and …

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NOT A FASHION DESIGNS, BUT THE SPIRIT OF KOREA – The Hwang Leesle fashion style marathon

If you studyed fashion designer, also into a library It was in 2014 that she started her brand Leesle. In the Parisian summer of 2017, she made a long journey from Korea to present an attractive variation of a very traditional piece of clothing (the hanboklei). She studied Public Relations, however, she realised that was more passionate in designing clothes. …

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