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The canon of beauty that concerns the human being collects the most desirable characteristics of physical beauty; yet, it has expressed itself in various forms in history and in artistic expressions. The Korean ideal of beauty connected to white and glowing skin contributes to social success. Contemplating Korean beauty and Western modern art, she has constantly explored her own creative path, receiving attention, regardless of her husband’s artistic fame. In the 1940s, Park Rehyun http://www.artnet.com/artists/park-rehyun/ focused on Japanese paintings and those involving figures. The 1950s saw her working with traditional materials of oriental painting, producing semi-abstract paintings that interpreted her way of perceiving cubism. Relating to the 1960s, she experimented with abstract art, while in the 1970s she turned her attention to printing and creative drawing. Around Africa, she discovered the beauty of indigenous craftworks and ancient artifacts from various regions.

K-pop, which became popular in the 2000s, is an abbreviation for Korean Pop. Whether it is music or style in dressing, K-pop represents Korean pop culture. Along with traditional Korean music, its modern form is influence by hip-hop and jazz, gospel, electronic dance, classical and even country music. A shop where you can find everything related to this musical genre can be foun on the ninth floor of the Lotte FITIN in the Dongdaemun area: K.Art Offline Store https://www.trazy.com/spot/2597/k-art-offline- store-dongdaemun-shopping. For Shin Hae-chul, the world needed the younger generation to look down on the older generation. For some he was the freest speaker in all of K-pop history. He wrote his own music and lyrics. After create the song Lazenca Save Us, with his group he created the soundtrack of the cartoon Soul Frame Lazenca, a work of great excellence characterized by the majestic sound of an orchestra that integrated with a choir and his screaming voice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ54AU1PdOw. In 2014, he produced the album Reboot Myself, which even contained more than a thousand tracks of his voice, without even a musical instrument.

TO YOU – To you, even through this fast-paced life we still miss each other. I still have many days left for my life and I want to share them all with you. Even if I lose everything that I love, I cannot give you up. Anywhere in this world, I can feel your breath and until my life ends, I will always be by your side. Even if I lose everything that I love, I cannot give you up. Until my life ends, I will always be by your side. Anywhere in this world, I can feel your breath and until my life ends, I will always be by your side. Until my life ends, I will always love you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZGZjAHlHis&t=8s

Incorporating a tourist observatory into a transmission tower, Namsan Seoul Tower was the first multipurpose tower to be establishe in Korea. From above, you realize that the underlying Namsan Park https://english.visitseoul.net/nature/NamsanPark_/3634 is also an excellent observation point to find where to spend your free time and stay in touch with nature. Do not forget to go there in April, as the most significant event that takes place inside the park is the annual cherry blossom festival. You will certainly want to read yourself some poetry while walking in the Cherry Blossom Path Namsan Park, the longest cherry tree path in the whole city. Offering the poet a source of personal repentance, Ku Sang poetic work is ground in his Christian faith. His poetry is a commentary of the inequity and absurdity of modern society. https://www.amazon.it/Wastelands-Fire-Selected-Poems-Sang/dp/0948259825 has written volumes of poetry, as well as essays on social and spiritual topics. His volume Even the Knots on Quince Trees, contains poems evoking his life’s progress through the modern Korean. His work is immerse in the search for a poetic aesthetic that arises from an ontological foundation. At his funeral, the presence of people in wheelchairs reminded his concern for the handicapped, expressed in generous donations.

ETERNITY TODAY – Today again news came of a friend’s death. Well, we all have to go, some sooner some later. I hope my turn comes soon. Is it fear of the pain before we die that makes death so threatening? Surely, there is always euthanasia? However, the dread of something after death makes that a problem too. The lights and darks of that other world. While I evoke in this way the afterlife, my life today is so much amiss. Surely, if I am concerned about the afterlife, should not I already begin to live that afterlife, or rather, Eternity, today?

From their point of view, shoes are everything. In Korean fashion, in fact, and especially for men, the choice of the type of shoes to wear is fundamental: they love to dress totally in black, moreover, to bring out their social status there is something essential. Thanks to its originality, South Korea has a recognizable style of clothing, with unusual shapes and styles that have given rise to a real “Korean wave of fashionhttps://www.notjustalabel.com/editorial/hallyu-how-south-korea-using-fashion-influence-western-society. Since her fashion beginning, she have been picturing non-Asian people wearing hanboks. When she wanted to create something appealing to younger people and practical for everyday wear, and it was her mother who helped her with the cutting and sewing. While had think to a traditional hanbok of silk and hemp, Hwang Leesle https://thesoulofseoul.net/2019/03/10/leesle-buy-modern-hanbok-online/ started by experimenting wifferent types of fabrics and colour combinations bright and contrasting colours. When she first started selling online, she was amazed at the consumer’s positive response to her combine oriental and western styles. She has kept her flagship store in Jeonju, but her brand operates pop-up shops in Seoul, where her customers can visit three pop-up stores.

We have put together a top-4 of South Korean photographers who stimulate their ability to capture shots in an original way. In Seoul, South Korea, Jaewoon U is a photographer who spends his talent in researching landscapes reflected in the water. Kim Tae Kyun https://www.instagram.com/less_photo/?hl=it, is instead a photographer who finalizes his creativity in redefining the boundaries between young people and adults. Koo Sung Soo became famous with his collection of caramel-colored images, from a wedding chapel to a tour bus, all aimed at presentation from his motherland. She, on the other hand, the fourth photographer, pay no attention to the boundaries between the arts. In fact, from her point of view, photography, painting and poetry can indifferently contribute to expressing one’s inner self. She loves to follow her intuitions, so in approaching a place she prefers to tune in creatively to a type of abstract idea. When she goes for the first time to some unknown place, it happens very often to leave the camera inside her bag. First, she meditates and gives up all her anxieties, because only in this way can she perceive the place. Speaking of group exhibitions, Jungjin Lee https://www.lensculture.com/articles/jungjin-lee-everglades-and-the-unnamed-road began with that of 1985, at the Paris Museum of Modern Art, while her last participation is that of 2021, at the 34th Biennale di San Paolo, in Brazil.

From prehistoric rock sites to street art, graffiti has taken on different shapes and characteristics over time. American pictorial graffiti, for example, developed in the years between 1975 and 1980, uses writings and figurations. Using spray paint, artists initially painted on subway walls or trains, but ended up doing the same things on canvas as well. There are two groups of graffiti artists https://www.timeout.com/newyork/art/top-famous-street-artists: anonymous who do not seek public recognition and others who have managed to define their own personal style. Jungwoo Hong work integrates text and visual arts, blending elements of abstraction and figuration with the ability to distill the perceptions of the outside world and translate them into a personal artistic language. His studio is overflowing with works that seem to want to describe, as a whole, something similar to a daily diary. At the start they are simple scribbles, yet, through a process of inner exploration, his paintings evolve into complete works. Having a background in psychology and fine arts, young abstract painter that https://crossingart.com/jungwoo-hong explores not only the human mind, but his habits as well. He has participated in numerous exhibitions (from Korea to Austria), receiving awards from the 7th Bitola International Triennial of Graphic Art and the 2nd Guanlan International Printing Biennial in Shenzhen, China.

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