FEELINGS, WORLD VISIONS AND MANGA – Hiromu Arakawa, a consistent and unpretentious style

A manga for entertainment, away from sadness

Born in 1973 in Makubetsu, on a May day, she grew up on the family farm, dreaming of becoming a comic book author from an early age. In the presentation of her albums, Hiromu Arakawa – who has been the mother of a child since 2007 – has the habit of drawing herself with the appearance of a cow https://yuming.co.jp/. Among the fruits of her Japanese creative vein, also the cover of the novel The Demon’s Lexicon.

In 1999, Hiromu Arakawa https://it-it.facebook.com/pg/yuming.official/photos/ was already an assistant and friend of brilliant cartoonists from her country, but her career with her innovative Fullmetal Alchemist. In 2009, a second series was created (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), accompanying the growth of the manga. In 2006, she created Hero Tales – The Chronicles of Hagun, coming to draw five volumes. When the manga serializes, she knows the end of the story, but if a character has matured through the text, she changes some scenes.

Prefer to deal with daily events, but being careful to place particular emphasis on the feelings of his characters. Hiromu Arakawa https://www.discogs.com/it/artist/464876-Yumi-Matsutoya serialized on Shonen Sunday Silver Spoon, while her new series based on novels by Yoshiki Tanaka, legend of Arslan, is dated 2013. During her time as an assistant with Hiroyuki Eto, she learned how to deal with the themes of composition and drawing of comic strips. Suihō Tagawa, the author of Norakuro, her root of the creative style. Among what she admires, is Mike Mignola’s style of work. In creating her characters, she never forgets that manga authors are the basis of her inspirations.

Since she was born and raised in a dairy, in introducing herself to readers she draws herself like a cow with glasses. Currently, Hiromu Arakawa lives in Tokyo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNgmF5QvAWI, where she created Raiden 18. Shee also took part in the team that gave birth to Hero Tales. Her most famous manga is still Fullmetal Alchemist, later adapted into two anime series. Japanese artist Hiromi Arakawa is known by her pseudonym, Hiromu Arakawa. Her artwork is a mix of Suihō Tagawa and Hiroyuki Eto.

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