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INDIVIDUALITY AND CREATIVITY – Generating artistic innovations in Japan

Domain-specificity of creativity and Japanese people In their country, a flower represents the fragility and beauty of life. In Japanese culture, the meaning of the cherry blossom tree dates back to ancient times. As you begin your trip to Japan, it is advisable never to forget, under any circumstances, that life can be wonderfully beautiful, but also short. It …

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DESTRUCTURED CLOTHES, ON THE BORDER WITH THE ABSURD – Rei Kawakubo, the great Lady of the Japanese avant-garde

Doing things never done, but with a strong image In 2017, the Metropolitan Museum of New York dedicated an exhibition to her, collecting her most iconic items. Three-dimensional and exaggerated dresses, unconventionally also made with overlapping materials. She had studied art and literature, had become an advertising and finally a stylist. Born in Tokyo on an October day in 1942, …

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THE CHARM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, BETWEEN VIVID AND DREAMY COLORS – Mika Ninagawa, a multidisciplinary artist who works in photography and film

A creative look that embraces flora, fauna, landscapes and paintings In Japan, celebrities are looking for her portraits. Her photographic works deal with themes inherent to Japanese youth culture, as well as – among other themes – goldfish and landscapes. Known for her style filled with vibrant colors, photographer Mika Ninagawa was born in Tokyo on an October day …

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FEELINGS, WORLD VISIONS AND MANGA – Hiromu Arakawa, a consistent and unpretentious style

A manga for entertainment, away from sadness Born in 1973 in Makubetsu, on a May day, she grew up on the family farm, dreaming of becoming a comic book author from an early age. In the presentation of her albums, Hiromu Arakawa – who has been the mother of a child since 2007 – has the habit of drawing herself …

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WHERE PEOPLE’S SELF-EXPRESSION KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES – Between Saga and Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, with the taste of maple leaves fried in the mouth

Between history, religion, museums and its creative living souls Japan is a country that arouses admiration from people who are attracted by culture and a tradition that is not composed only of samurai or cartoons. When you arrive you will not be able to do everything, but some possibilities on the activities to do can be inspired by five …

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IN THE MISO SOUP – Novel, by Ryu Murakami

Born in 1952 in Nagasaki prefecture, he is the enfant terrible of contemporary Japanese literature. His best known novels? Almost Transparent Blue, Coin Locker Babies and In the Miso Soup. His novels always explore human nature through themes of drug use and surrealism, murder and war. His real name is Murakami Ryūnosuke, but this Japanese writer (writer and director) is …

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