INDIVIDUALITY AND CREATIVITY – Generating artistic innovations in Japan

Domain-specificity of creativity and Japanese people

In their country, a flower represents the fragility and beauty of life. In Japanese culture, the meaning of the cherry blossom tree dates back to ancient times. As you begin your trip to Japan, it is advisable never to forget, under any circumstances, that life can be wonderfully beautiful, but also short.

It has a cliff as the motif and represents an eye on the ground that gazes into the future. Residents participated to decide its design. Welcome to Akenogaoka Park Pira-ri, at 3 kilometers southeast from central Makubetsu. A monument symbolizing park, the “Pira-ri.” Means “great cliff.” From the 8-meter high observatory tower, you too can enjoy a panoramic view of the Hidaka Mountains. Right here a little girl with a passion for drawing grew up, among fields of grass and cows. Born in 1973 in Makubetsu, on a May day, she grew up on the family farm, dreaming of becoming a comic book author from an early age. In the presentation of her albums, Hiromu Arakawa – who has been mother in 2007 – has the habit of drawing herself with the appearance of a cow Among the fruits of her Japanese creative vein, also the cover of the novel The Demon’s Lexicon.

Among Amagasaki vacation packages & tickets, you can experience the Lonely Planet Experiences, small-group or private Kyoto walking tour Gion is lovely to see at night, when lanterns are lit, without forget the walk, super, very interesting. Streets filled with restaurants and ochaya, where Maiko and Geisha perform. Duration? 3 hours 30 minutes. Right here, a writer experienced her best poems. Author of over 15 poetry books, Chimako Tada was a poet famous for her surreal style. She translated prose and poetry from French, documenting with words the female experience in the period following the end of the Second World War. Her Japanese translation of Yourcenar’s Memoires d’Hadrien was publish with great critical acclaim. She was appoint as an instructor of French literature at Eichi University in Amagasaki, until two years before her death in 2003.

Just take a tour of any Japanese city you will see people dressed in incredibly original ways. You will also discover the opposite, that is, they also appreciate uniforms, because it is precisely by wearing them that they feel part of a whole. As you move through the streets of Tokyo, you will need to consider some essential aspects regarding the clothes to buy. You will go to Harajuku if you like alternative and innovative youth fashion, but only Ginza can give you elegance at the highest level. Good. Now you can understand why a special woman has become a fashion designer. In 2017, the Metropolitan Museum of New York dedicated an exhibition to her, collecting her most iconic items. Three-dimensional and exaggerated dresses, unconventionally also made with overlapping materials. She had studied art and literature, had become an advertising and finally a stylist. Born in Tokyo on an October day in 1942, Rei Kawakubo brought her austere and deconstructed clothes to Paris, becoming an anti-fashion icon.

One of the most photographed places in Tokyo, Omotesando You will find a shopping mall and a large number of irregular mirrors, ideal for photos with an original effect. A trip is not a complete experience if you do not discover new flavors. Omotesando is a cheap place to eat sushi. Take a good look around; maybe you will meet a woman who loves photographic color contrasts. In Japan, celebrities are looking for her portraits. Her photographic works deal with themes inherent to Japanese youth culture, as well as – among other themes – goldfish and landscapes. Known for her style filled with vibrant colors, photographer Mika Ninagawa was born in Tokyo on an October day in 1972. She also works in the field of fashion and advertising. She has dealt with the making of music videos.

On the shore of Lake Biwa, a castle town it is situated at the junction of ancient highways, including the Tōkaidō. Welcome Ōtsu, a gateway to Kyōto, where you can admire the Ishiyama Temple, associated with one of the great classics of Japanese literature. The area is known for the Ogoto Onsens, settle in and relax with a dip in the healing waters of these hot springs. Look around, discovering warmt and colour of a native painter. The warmth and humanity in her work, makes she endearing to audiences. Her maiden name was Yuki Mizoguchi. Yuki Ogura was born in Ōtsu city (Shiga Prefecture), into a March day, in 1895. Her home-studio were located in Kamakura, where she lived to the age of 105. Her work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $118 USD to $49,151 USD. Her painting post war reveals another turn in style towards modernism.

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