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INDIVIDUALITY AND CREATIVITY – Generating artistic innovations in Japan

Domain-specificity of creativity and Japanese people In their country, a flower represents the fragility and beauty of life. In Japanese culture, the meaning of the cherry blossom tree dates back to ancient times. As you begin your trip to Japan https://www.japan.travel/en/, it is advisable never to forget, under any circumstances, that life can be wonderfully beautiful, but also short. It …

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SOMETHING BRIGHT AND FUN – Yuki Ogura, a very prolific artist

A Japanese Modern & Contemporary artist The warmth and humanity in her work, makes she endearing to audiences. Her maiden name was Yuki Mizoguchi. Yuki Ogura http://www.artnet.com/artists/yuki-ogura/ was born in Ōtsu city (Shiga Prefecture), into a March day, in 1895. Her home-studio were located in Kamakura, where she lived to the age of 105. Her work has been offered at …

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