WHERE YOU CAN FALL 7 TIMES, RAISING 8 – Getting to know Japan, among courteous friends

Cherry blossoms and warrior men

In their country, a flower represents the fragility and beauty of life. In Japanese culture, the meaning of the cherry blossom tree dates back to ancient times. As you begin your trip to Japan https://www.japan.travel/en/, it is advisable never to forget, under any circumstances, that life can be wonderfully beautiful, but also short.

Also into ancient Chinese texts, the existence of a confederation of kingdoms beyond the sea is recalled in islands inhabited by a warlike and hierarchically well-structured people. According to Japanese legends https://yayukata.com/ a descendant of the goddess Amaterasu founded the Japanese Empire.

In the course of your Japanese travel experience, you will also discover that there are many ways to use the word “you”. When you have discovered them, you can dedicate yourself to the other linguistic mystery: there are also different expressions to use the word “I”. Native Japanese speakers have a specific sensitivity in the use of courtesy. Find one; let us guide you were good education is not just a way to do it. A book written by Junichiro Tanizaki, A Fool’s Love https://www.dimanoinmano.it/en/cp143173/narrativa/narrativa-straniera/l-amore-di-uno-scioccoyou will help better understand their world of politeness.

Do you know Japanese tattoos? They are strongly connected to their culture https://www.amazon.it/tatuaggio-giapponese-Stili-tradizionali-moderni/dp/8895363787. Today’s, as we know them today, the Horimonos, simply mean inscribing something. In ancient times, they were not only conceived for ornamental purposes. They were a punitive mark for criminals, slaves or prisoners of war. Instead, Gaman was used for decorative purposes.

In Kyushu, the southernmost island of those that make up Japan, the Amakusa Islands https://www.japan.travel/it/destinations/kyushu/kumamoto/amakusa/ are off the beaten path. So, if you want to stay away from people, let this temptation go. Your new friends will be hills, white cliffs, stacks, but also beaches, small ports, and Shinto temples. A real journey into solitude.

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