BETWEEN HANDS-MADE DETAILS AND AVANT-GARDE DESIGN – Ana Locking, fusion of artisanship and attention to detail

A 2008 Madrid based womenswear, menswear and accessories brand

In Madrid, the Museo del Traje preserves important pieces of the XVI century, including a women’s jacket, while its 18th century collection offers significant examples of men’s clothes, such as vests and jackets. Finally, we advise you not to miss the clothing collection of the most important stylists of the twentieth century, a true creative path on the history of Spanish clothing, also with Mariano Fortuny and Cristóbal Balenciaga. In Madrid, if you want to know the style of the fashion designer Ana Gonzalez you can go to Calle virgen del canto 7

Her color and fabrics always prefer sequined black, with velvety graphite stain finishes, smoky spots on rib knit and hounds tooth backgrounds. In 1997, Ana Gonzalez founded with Óscar Benito a ready-to-wear label ties with other artistic disciplines. Their partnership lasted until 2007. Her emerging brand was established as a leading talent in the industry. She have learned it is important not limit yourself. She has played an important role in reinvigorating Spanish fashion. Ana Locking—Fashion/Ana-Locking-16875045063/ develop her imagination for the art world, also sharing her knowledge with aspiring fashion designers at the Centro Superior de Diseño de Moda de Madrid.

In 2008, Ana Gonzalez launched alone Ana Locking, her new ready-to-wear label. Her brand is defined by its fusion of artisanship and attention to detail. The concept of her collections? Inspiration, which she draws from art, youth culture and personal life experiences. She was warded as the best designer of Mercedes Fashion Week for her first collection. She have always tried to do what she really love, no matter how many obstacles she have encountered. This fashion designer collaborating with cultural institutions and artistic organizations, through exhibitions and master classes. She like grey taffeta, silver polka dots on black and white hound’s tooth, midnight blue tweed with cascading embroidered sequins in silver and black.

Key to her identity, it is into juxtaposition of artisanal hand-made details and avant-garde design. For each collection, materials and fabrics are selected and custom-made to create garments with quality tailoring. She has won the L’Oréal Paris Award twice for the Best Collection. Her work fashion is the result of all her life experiences. Ana Locking has collaborated with National Museum of Art Reina Sofía, Institute of Modern Art of Valencia and American House of Madrid. Looking her fashion you can appreciate royal blue organza with metallic floral prints in fire red, metallic aquamarine, tangerine and pale green.

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