THE ISLAMIC RAINBOW OF THE DESIGN INSPIRATIONS – Dian Pelangi: A brand that has become famous for its vibrant color palettes

A modern interpretation of the Muslim habit.

Each of us, imperceptibly, transfers into own clothing to see the world. In introducing ourselves to others, what we wear and how we wear, it can make a lot of difference. Your clothing today could be the mirror of your mood. Even in Palembang, with the phrase tell me what you are wearing and I will tell you whom you are, we do not express only one way of saying. This is the case of the fashion designer Dian Pelangi, born under this sun. Dian Pelangi studied at SMK 1 Pekalongan with a specialization in fashion. In Indonesia and Malaysia, her success is emblematic of the Islamic style of designer clothing that emerges in the fashion weeks. Dian Wahyu Utami is an Indonesian businessperson, founder of Dian Pelangi Fashion. Born in Palembang on a January day 1991, she is one of the founders of the Hijaber Community (a Muslim community that shares experiences in designing fashions).

Her artisans use batik, tie-dye and beads, making all the garments by hand. Sense of color, bold prints and fusion of traditional and western silhouettes, the year made famous for the Islamic dress in soft tones. Dian Pelandi—Fashion/Dian-Pelangi-663679243773049/ thanks to her design, continued her studies at the École supérieure des arts de la mode (ESMOD), graduating in 2008. The following year she joined the Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneurs Designers Association, becoming the younger member and participating in a fashion show in Australia. In her 2012 book, she published a collection of Muslim women who inspired her on her travels. She regularly attends Jakarta Fashion Week, where she showed her first collection at just 18 years old. With a fashion brand with a playful and vibrant touch (strictly in hijabi style), she is an icon of pop culture. With 4.9 million followers on Instagram, Dian Pelangi is a digital influencer in the Muslim fashion scene, with the merit of having pushed its traditional boundaries on social media.

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