CAPTURE ATTENTION, AMONG GREAT WRITERS – Boni Avibus: As if she had entered the manuscript, it screams word for word

Not only senior artists animate the work in the Indonesian tetral forum

With the word poetically, we all identify what is said in a poetic way, in verse or in poetry. Spiritually, emotionally and poetically, the memories of your trip to Bandung will connect to the places and people you have known, such as Boni Avibus and the Anak Negeri Theater In 2009, she to be ones who introduced the art of theater and culture from an early age, providing direct motivation in children that age. When she want to study in school, she had experienced rejection, because of her age are considered not sufficient by education regulations. Born in Bandung (West Giava) into a September day in 2002, she is widely known as Boni Avibus Sigrid Minerva Boni Avibus is an Indonesian poet, theater performer and actor.

She is also know for her contribution towards non-profit organizations, in the form of donations. She had another obstacle to be involved in community of theater, to watch the process of theatrical practice. This opportunity opened Boni Avibus the way to art, after she showed her ability to adapt with the cast. In the activity of Teater Anak Negeri, she were also involved as the inspiration for the children. In 2008, at anniversary of Indonesia Theater Federation, cultural theaters communities recommended Boni Avibus to bring culture speech, introducing her to cultural observer and national artists. On 2010, at Indonesia’s Theater Rostrum in Surakarta, Indonesian author Putu Wijaya have make a monologue manuscript for her perform.

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