The miracle of a hug

No one is too old for a hug. Everyone wants a hug. Everyone needs a hug. We are angels with only one wing and we can only fly by staying hugged. The world is not understandable, but it is embraceable. The Embrace, a novel by Ernesto Masina, instead addresses the theme of latent chauvinism in the couple’s relationship. Hugs are a perfect place to live. In the embrace, what was an edge, an interrupted line, a tangle, miraculously becomes a perfect circle. Thousands and thousands of years would not be enough to describe the tiny seconds of eternity in which we embraced each other. A hug means that you are not a threat, that I am not afraid of being so close to you, that I can relax, feel at home, that I am protected and someone understands me.

TWO YOUTHS – Youths who appreciate each other in a world of their own. They are happy together and there is nothing that separates them. Two flames that light each other. Two birds flying together in the sky. Two trees growing close to each other. Two rivers flowing together towards the sea. Two stars shining together in the night sky. Two notes that come together in a melody. Two souls looking for and finding each other. Two hearts beating in unison.

The skin is the largest sense organ we have. A part of our brain processes the impulses of that body contact which can have multiple meanings: feeling known and knowing the people we love in ways that words cannot convey. We hug each other to console and to express the joy of seeing each other. Hugging implies physical contact, welcoming the other; therefore, it implies the security that someone takes care of you. There are those who argue that hugging is as reassuring as talking to each other. 400 adults, invited to hug each other daily for two weeks and exposed to a respiratory virus, highlighted that the increase in hugs counteracts the risk of contagion. Tradition says that by hugging someone we gain a day of life. Every year, on January 21st, World Hug Day is celebrated To counteract the effects of the saddest day of the year, this second event occurs the day after Blue Monday.

THE HUG – The hug is a gesture that makes us feel good, makes us feel loved, makes us feel at peace. It makes us forget our problems, our worries, it makes us feel safe, it makes us feel at home. The hug is a gesture that doesn’t need words, that doesn’t need explanations. It is a gesture that speaks for itself, that says everything there is to say. The hug is a gesture that unites us, that makes us feel close, that makes us feel united. It makes us feel part of something bigger, it makes us feel part of something special.

David Grossman, The Embrace, which tells the story of the power of hug passing through love and loneliness. A collection of poems by Alda Merini: In your arms, explores the value of embracing and emotional closeness. We cannot fail to remember the importance of a children’s book: I want a hug!, by Simone Frasca, which delves into the power of physical affection and its positive impact on young minds.

Among the books that talk about the importance of the embrace, there is an illustrated one by UNDER A SKY FULL OF PINK AIRSHIP – Under a sky of pink airships I look into your eyes and listen. You are my North Star, the light that guides me through the night, you tell me. Under the pink airships, I take your hand and whisper that you are the half I was missing. Under that sky we hug each other tightly, while the world around us fades away. WE ARE – Gazes that meet, hands that seek each other, in a world of our own. Like two flames, growing close to each other. Like two rivers, flowing together with the sea. Two stars shining under the same sky. We are notes that beat the rhythm of a single melody. HUG ME – Hug me tighter, hold me with all your strength. Let your presence reassure me. Hug me like there’s no tomorrow. Let our embrace be forever. AIRSHIPS – We are giants of flesh and thoughts, who skim the skies with mastery. We are flying ships that challenge fate. We are dreams come true in the sky, mechanical birds that fly restlessly. Embraced, we are bridges in the clouds, eyes that see things never seen. We will be shooting stars lighting up the night sky. We will watch our dreams in flight.

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