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TELL ME WHERE YOU GO, I WILL TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE – Indonesian journey, where to learn to immerse yourself between silences

Life is what you make of it, also visiting Indonesia The beauty of landscapes blended with unique culture of its people, untouched beaches, mountains and lakes. When you decide to go, a visit will not be enough to embrace the wonders of Indonesia https://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/home. Cultural Hub of Ubud in Bali or Mount Bromo in Java, Scuba Diving in Batu Batong …

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THE ISLAMIC RAINBOW OF THE DESIGN INSPIRATIONS – Dian Pelangi: A brand that has become famous for its vibrant color palettes

A modern interpretation of the Muslim habit. Each of us, imperceptibly, transfers into own clothing to see the world. In introducing ourselves to others, what we wear and how we wear, it can make a lot of difference. Your clothing today could be the mirror of your mood. Even in Palembang https://www.indonesiatouristinformation.com/palembang-tourist-information.html, with the phrase tell me what you are …

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