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Life is what you make of it, also visiting Indonesia

The beauty of landscapes blended with unique culture of its people, untouched beaches, mountains and lakes. When you decide to go, a visit will not be enough to embrace the wonders of Indonesia Cultural Hub of Ubud in Bali or Mount Bromo in Java, Scuba Diving in Batu Batong or Komodo National Park? Ada asap ada api (every why has its wherefore). Do not forget the wisdom of this Indonesian expression, when coming home and you will feel deeply different.

Do you want to know the soul of a people? See what they paint. Realism is an artistic movement that developed in France in the nineteenth century with the impulse of Gustave Courbet, Daumier and Millet, but was born in Holland in the seventeenth century, as an attention connected to the observation of the surrounding reality. In Mexico, the realist themes became muralism, while in the Soviet Union it developed as realism. In Indonesia, Popo Iskandar preferred to paint nature and its living things. In Jakarta, to get to know his land, visit the National Gallery of Indonesia, an exhibition site for art events. In the intensity of appreciation that you can admire in his slender bamboo groves, you can capture his chromatic harmony on the canvas. He was a painting artist, one of the main Indonesian educators. His work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging until $51,609 USD. Popo Iskandar was an Indonesian modern painter, born in 1927 in Garut (West Java). His creative years displaying his distinctive themes, such as cats and leopards and other explorations (including landscape, figurative and abstract works), to encapsulate his expressionist journey.

Hearing, the most important sense in music, is the first of the five senses to develop, recognizing the different pitches and sound tones. You have arrived in Bandung and do not forget what Plato said: if you want to get to know a people listen its music. That by Dewiq in an emotional way, it will provide you with lasting travel emotions. She wrote her first song while in elementary school there. She was the younger of two children, born to Indonesian father and Dutchwoman mother. Known for her easy-to-listen-to songs, she is one of Indonesia’s most famous songwriters. Born into a June day 1975 in Ujung Pandang, Cynthia Dewi Bayu Wardani is better know by her stage name Dewiq

With the word poetically, we all identify what people said in a poetic way, in verse or in poetry. Spiritually, emotionally and poetically, the memories of your trip to Bandung will connect to the places and people you have known, such as Boni Avibus and the Anak Negeri Theater Sigrid Minerva Boni Avibus is an Indonesian poet, theater performer and actor. In 2009, she to be ones who introduced the art of theater and culture from an early age, providing direct motivation in children that age. When she want to study in school, she had experienced rejection, because of her age was not sufficient by education regulations. Born in Bandung (West Giava) into a September day in 2002, she is widely known as Boni Avibus

Each of us, imperceptibly, transfers into own clothing to see the world. In introducing ourselves to others, what we wear and how we wear, it can make a lot of difference. Your clothing today could be the mirror of your mood. Even in Palembang, with the phrase tell me what you are wearing and I will tell you whom you are, we do not express only one way of saying. This is the case of the fashion designer Dian Pelangi, born under this sun. Dian Pelangi studied at SMK 1 Pekalongan with a specialization in fashion. In Indonesia and Malaysia, her success is emblematic of the Islamic style of designer clothing that emerges in the fashion weeks. Dian Wahyu Utami is an Indonesian businessperson, founder of Dian Pelangi Fashion. Born in Palembang on a January day 1991, she is one of the founders of the Hijaber Community (a Muslim community that shares experiences in designing fashions).

As for Indonesia, some travel agencies offer monumental adventure packages, between rituals and nature. Upon your arrival, you will find its rich contrasts that wait for you. Among its spectacular islands, Sulawesi, Bali and Java. With 13,000 islands, you could go in search of the world of Kassian Cephas, the first Indonesian indigenous photographer who sent us the memory of the Borobudur temples Javanese dances. Trained at the request of a sultan, he was the first indigenous person from Indonesia to become a professional photographer. Kassian Cephas was born in Yogyakarta into a Juanary day 1845, becoming Javanese photographer of the court of a sultanate. He began working on portrait photography for members of a royal family, and documentary work for the Dutch Archaeological Union. His work first appeared for a wider public in 1888, included 16 prints of the art of Hindu Javanese dances.

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