STARTING PAINTING ON PAVEMENTS AND WALLS – Benedicto Cabrera, a master of contemporary Philippine art

When creativity explore handmade paper

Its zoo and aquarium houses various animals and tropical fishes, which is open for public tour. Here you can visit Angel Cacnio Gallery, knowing its best collection of creativity works. According to legend, its name from the words maraming labong (plenty of bamboo shoots). For your tasting-lugaw in Malabon, enter store is located just across the Ibaviosa House. Famous for its ancestral homes the City of Malabon it is into the Metropolitan Manila. You are under Benedicto Cabrera‘s sky, a master of contemporary Philippine art

Do not waste time asking how to paint this or that, open your mind into a Philippines travel. It is weird, but this way of travel gives you an interesting pattern only knowing a artist’s inner landscapes, such as native painter Benedicto Cabrera. Its BenCab Museum is a brief 15-minute drive from the center of Baguio City.

Later in the 1990s, he helped in the creation of Tam-awan Village (a refuge for local artists), nurturing environment in which to develop their talents. Better known as BenCab, was awarded National Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts in 2006. His first exposure of the arts happened through his elder brother, who was already an established artist. The youngest of nine children, Benedicto Cabrera was born in Malabon (Philippines) into an April day in 1942.

When his family moved to Bambang, he first starts to develop a deep sympathy for the underprivileged. His works have been the subject of books on Ben Cabrera: Etchings, Bencab’s Rock Sessions and BENCAB. Benedicto Cabrera has been the best-selling painter of his generation of Filipino artists. While honing his chosen craft as a painter, he explored different art visual forms, receiving his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 1963. He had met British journalist in Manila in 1968, married her and the couple decided to stay in London.

In London, Benedicto Cabrera talents were recognized, holding exhibitions in New York and Macau, winning several major art awards. In the Philippines, he was a pioneer of the arts and key figure in the development of protest art against the dictatorship. His marriage ended in divorce, and in 1985, he come to the Philippines, and settled in the Baguio (Northern Luzon), putting up a studio and a secluded little farm. His work been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging until to $999,773 USD (depending on the size and medium of the artwork).

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