Asit Kumar Patnaik’s depictions, human figures and their relationships

Sitting on a thematic bench at Meeting Benches is taking a break from the daily frenzy, an invitation to slow down, look around and see the beauty that surrounds you. Since art should not be limited to a single genre or style, rather, embrace the diversity of any kind of creative expression, on its benches you find a variety of narratives ranging from works of art to influencers. As a place where geographical barriers dissolve and people connect, inspire and share, try to look beyond, immerse yourself in the allure of creativity without boundaries of race, religion or gender, like the one created by Asit Kumar Patnaik. Type in painters if you want to know more.

Asit Kumar Patnaik holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Govt. College of Art and Crafts in Khallikote, Orissa, and the Masters in Painting from BHU, Varanasi, where he was a gold medalist. His painting style and narratives revolve around interpersonal relationships within society. Asit uses a technique that emphasizes sensitivity, with a careful choice of colors and textures. His male and female figures are represented in open and suggestive postures. The deceptive simplicity of the lines adds sensuality to the robust figures. His paintings create a sense of mystery and visual harmony. This artist has received numerous awards, including a scholarship from the Department of Culture, Govt. of India, in the field of Fine Arts. He has exhibited, among others, at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Art Hamptons New York and The Florence Biennale.

His pictorial style, characterized by a combination of realism and symbolism, pays particular attention to emotional details and formal beauty. Asit Kumar Patnaik‘s paintings explore themes related to human psychology, emotions and interpersonal relationships. Many of his works, which capture the essence of solitude and self-examination, portray solitary figures in moments of reflection and introspection. He often paints couples or figures expressing love, desire and attraction, with looks and gestures that communicate a range of emotions related to romantic love. The facial expressions of his human subjects are a key element in his paintings where, with eyes, lips and wrinkles, they convey complex emotions. Some of his works incorporate natural elements such as flowers, birds or landscapes aimed at symbolizing spirituality and connection with nature. The figures in his paintings seem vulnerable and sensitive, and this is precisely what impacts viewers emotionally.

Asit Kumar Patnaik uses a variety of colors in his paintings, however, regarding the pigments used, we can make a comparison with the Lascaux Caves, where the predominant colors are red, yellow and black. Hematite, present in red clay and ocher, provided the red color. Iron oxyhydroxides, however, were responsible for the yellow. Coal or manganese oxides then contributed to the black. These natural pigments, applied to walls via bone or bamboo straws, created vibrant, mesmerizing colors. That creative use of simple pigments by our artist ancestors, replicates with him and his use of a wider range of colors.

His choice of colors adds sensitivity to the works, where the subjects in his paintings communicate powerfully and silently, with stolen glances and shy smiles. Asit Kumar Patnaik, born in Orissa in 1968, is a highly acclaimed artist. His works, which gravitate in the orbit of characters and environments that arouse a state of moved participation in the observer, investigate the human psyche and interpersonal relationships. To paint male and female figures, often in open and suggestive postures, this artist uses a semi-realistic technique. He has exhibited in dozens of solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad, receiving awards and recognition for his work. If you would like to explore his works further, you can check out the curated selection of paintings by him on Eikowa.


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