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STARTING PAINTING ON PAVEMENTS AND WALLS – Benedicto Cabrera, a master of contemporary Philippine art

When creativity explore handmade paper Its zoo and aquarium houses various animals and tropical fishes, which is open for public tour. Here you can visit Angel Cacnio Gallery, knowing its best collection of creativity works. According to legend, its name from the words maraming labong (plenty of bamboo shoots). For your tasting-lugaw in Malabon, enter store is located just across …

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PAINTING STILL LIFES, NUDE WOMEN AND LANDSCAPES – Federico Aguilar Alcuaz: Soft blurred edges coupled, with bold lines and shapes.

A 20th-century Filipino painter, best known for his Cubist-inspired paintings. Since his premature death early 2011, His masterpieces have gained even more interest in this painting figure. In 1949, he took up painting subjects at the University of the Philippines School of Fine Arts. Born on June day, 1932 in Santa Cruz (Manila), FEDERICO AGUILAR ALCUAZ http://federicoaguilaralcuaz.com/bio.htm studied law and …

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