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MULTI-HYPHENATE FASHION DESIGNER – Gosha Rubchinskiy: Taking inspiration from Russian street and youth culture

Where contextual creativity guide through Russia’s underground rave culture

Looking for shopping malls in Yekaterinburg‎, where tops with prints and sport shoes are the basics in everyone’s wardrobe, you can remember the Pokrovskiy Passage, a modern shopping center is located in the heart of the city. Popular local brands are Urals and Recycled Skateboards. Here, you will find more than 100 brands of clothing, relaxing at the restaurants of Dolce Vita or Le Grand Cafe. Fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy was born here, and you will discover his style on the web.

The designer produced his first garments in small quantities, giving them out to friends. For his show staged at Florence Pitti Uomo, he presented a collection in three parts. Wanting to work in fashion at a young age, he attended the Moscow College of Technology and Design, where began entering in the fashion circles of Russia. He is the founder of his eponymous brand. Born and living in Moscow, Gosha Rubchinskiy is 1984 fashion designer, filmmaker and photographer that is starting an creative empire all of his own.

In 2009, a former fashion editor selected him as part of an alternative fashion week in Moscow. Referring to Russia’s orthodox past through one of his film illuminates a country belongs to a generation bent on creative change. His first collection was presented at the end of 2008, while second was shown in a Moscow’s disused Orthodox church-turned-gym. Gosha Rubchinskiy third collection was not far behind the mountains. In 2010, he presented forth collection, as a part of Fashion East Menswear Installation.

In 2011, Gosha Rubchinskiy launched a project in a gallery space on a island in Saint Petersburg. Epitomising his brand identity his book The Transfiguration, it was followed by a film, where vulnerable young men wearing a uniform close to 90s. In 2014, his Crimea/Kids book explored his fascination with Russia’s rebellious youth. He collaborated with the Italian sportswear brand Fila, showing sweatshirts featuring the brand and custom sneakers. Credited with challenging the status quo around Russian fashion design, today he has about 150 stockists worldwide.

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