DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MONDAY – Orlando Dugi: Focus energy on building the new one

After designed his first three garments, he knew this is what he wanted to do

Jessica Metcalf opened a fashion boutique in Gardena (North Dakota). Kelly Holmes founded the first Native American fashion magazine. Indigenous designers incorporate motifs and customary materials into their wearable artworks. Urban Outfitters created a collection featuring underwear and other items, with art based on traditional Navajo rugs. Native American fashion encompasses design and creation of high-fashion clothing (and fashion accessories). About the notable Native American fashion designers, we suggest Tammy Beauvais and Tishynah Buffalo, Eliana Paco Paredes and Orlando Dugi.

Everything that he creates is handmade and entirely one-of-a-kind.  A designer who he inspired is Lloyd Kiva New, a Cherokee designer, the first Native American designer, co-founder of the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. He meticulously threads the past with the present. Orlando Dugi is a Santa Fe based fashion house, designing timeless elegance for the chic woman, assembling luxurious fabrics and extravagance for handcrafting (all stemming from tradition deeply rooted in matriarchal heritage).

He live a commitment to continuing his traditions and sharing them with women, becouse he is a part of Navajo culture. The stars hold deep meaning to his people. Stargazing in the desert of Arizona, while spending summer vacations on his paternal grandparents’ sheep ranch; he had draws inspiration from his childhood memories. Using traditional techniques in dyeing, weaving, and ornamented with an assortment of accessories, Orlando Dugi walk in beauty, close to garments made by hand, woven of wool or sewn of cotton or silk.

In the rural night skies of her childhood, the image of the stars would become the inspiration for her pearls, as a high-end designer. The elaborate designs of Yves St. Laurent and clean lines of Prada continue to influence him to this day.  At the young age of four, Orlando Dugi was admiring Navajo women who wore their velvet garments and silver adornments. While growing up in rural Grey Mountain (Arizona), he dreamed of visiting centers of style like Paris and Rome. All of his creations are tied together by contemporary elegance and luxurious feel. His fresh artistic career has spanned from clothing to handbags (most recently, to the jewelry).

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