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PERCEPTION IS DIFFICULT TO DESCRIBE – Hazel Larsen Archer: Watching has always been a part of my life. I do not know why

When she started taking pictures, she was an observer The best months for good weather in Santa Fe (New Mexico), run from May to October. In this period, the thermometer reaches a temperature of 18 degrees. For your souvenirs, El Nicho it is amazing, the owner is the sweetest person on earth and local artists make all of the …

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DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MONDAY – Orlando Dugi: Focus energy on building the new one

After designed his first three garments, he knew this is what he wanted to do Jessica Metcalf opened a fashion boutique in Gardena (North Dakota). Kelly Holmes founded the first Native American fashion magazine. Indigenous designers incorporate motifs and customary materials into their wearable artworks. Urban Outfitters created a collection featuring underwear and other items, with art based on …

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THE LAND OF LITTLE RAIN – Mary Hunter Austin: We are not all born at once, but by bits

The tree that it speaks to the austere mountain heads and the watching stars A tour of the Mojave Desert, inspired American songwriter Carrie Jacobs-Bond to compose the song A Perfect Day. Mojave Desert is one of the most popular tourism spots in North America, for its scenic beauty-playing host to Mojave National Preserve. There are other areas of …

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FARMER AND FLUTIST, PERFORMER, SINGER AND ACTOR – Robert Mirabal: All i see are dark dreary rain clouds, but it’s okay because the sun always sets like an indian

On stage with a hand drum, singing a traditional Tiwa song In every corner of New Mexico, visitors can find festivals, performances, concerts and music. Among its annual music events, Taos Solar Music Festival, you offers entertainment from the best of national and regional artists each June. Many musicians call Taos home, and its energetic wineries and brewpubs bring …

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