VIETNAM TOURS, ALSO INTO THE PERFUME RIVER – If you can smile, everyone will profit from it.

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.

Incense making, at a local village? Vegetarian lunch in a pagoda? Take a trip back in time as you explore the cultural area of Vietnam’s countryside. Something special to do? Experience the beauty of Hue, on a motorbike ride around the city and on a boat cruise in the afternoon (inclusion: lunch, admission, transportation fee, cruise fee and English-speaking guide).Take in the scenery, cruise along the Perfume River as the tour ends.

Perfect for visitors looking to save time, there are tours inclusive of roundtrip transportation (toghether informative guides, meals, and water-based activities in Da Nang). There are also numerous boat tours to Cu Lao Cham Marine Park (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve), that offers snorkeling opportunities and breathtaking landmarks. Also for you, Da Nang cruise tours let explore prominent rivers.

Explore something with your guide? Means you will learn about local life and culture (while included lunch and round-trip hotel transport eliminate the need for advance planning). You too can escape the city, moving to an island paradise on a full-day tour of Cham Island from Da Nang. Traveling to the island by speedboat? Means you will reduce travel time, spending day to snorkeling and relaxing.

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