NOT TO ESCAPE LIFE, BUT FOR LIFE NOT TO ESCAPE US – Listen to what they three say, while travel from Da Nang until Hanoi.

The world is a book; those who do not travel read only one page.

Traditional Handicraft Village? The itinerary will take you to visit Dong Ho Painting Village (to discover its ancient art form of wood block printing) and two of Vietnam’s finest pagodas. If you wish to escape from the hustle, this full-day trip is an ideal choice. Taste of Halong Bay? If you wish to discover a charming seascape of Vietnam, the Taste of Halong Bay tour is an ideal choice. You will be taken to Halong Bay, to experience a special cruise on a vast tranquil sea, where visiting amazing caves and relax on the sundeck.

When her mother died, from infancy to adulthood she was raised by her grandmother, while her father worked away from home. She was a famous Vietnamese poet, who was awarded the state prize of her country for the results obtained in the literature. XUAN QUYNH was born in the village of La Khe, in 1942. In February 1955, she had been recruited into the central popular congregation, being trained as a dancer, thus performing many times abroad. Waves (an excellent love poem), was his poem of 1967 (composed during an excursion to Diem Điền), has been included in the educational system in Vietnam.

It is a memorial to one of Vietnam’s most beloved leaders. The Mausoleum stands at the site where Ho Chi Minh read the country’s Declaration of Independence. The three days is perfect. You will have enough time also to take a stroll through Old Town neighborhood. See Hanoi at an easy pace, let each day leaves you time to enjoy the surroundings. Buddhist temple One Pillar Pagoda have a legend: the temple was built after the emperor dreamed of meeting the Vietnamese Goddess of Mercy.

From 1937 until his death in 2001, he continued to call Paris his home. In 1938, he had his first one-man show in Paris. Born in Thanh Xuân (Hà Nội) into an August day, 1907, he become a painter. From 1925 until 1930, he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Hanoi, earning a scholarship to study in Paris. Upon returning to Vietnam, LE PHO taught at the École Supérieure des Beaux Arts de l’Indochine in Hanoi. He would go on to show his art across all continents. You are visiting Paris? Enter Museum of Modern Art, where his flowers and womens waiting for you.

Making incense at a local village? Vegetarian lunch in a pagoda? Take a trip back in time as you explore the cultural area of Vietnam’s countryside. Something special to do? Experience the beauty of Hue, on a motorbike ride around the city and on a boat cruise in the afternoon (inclusion: lunch, admission, transportation fee, cruise fee and English-speaking guide).Take in the scenery, cruise along the Perfume River as the tour ends.

Its proximity to the Hai Van Pass and the Marble Mountains make it a great place to explore. From the 16th century, this town has steadily grown, becoming a large shipbuilding site in the 19th century. The absolute best things to do in Da Nang? Americans it used as a place for rest and recuperation for soldiers fighting elsewhere in the country. Now, is a distant memory for travellers who visit the city. Close to the ocean, fresh seafood is on many restaurant’s menus, and our best recommendation go eat at Tam’s Pub and Surf Shop.

Born into a November day, 1924, in Đà Nẵng, he was a musician composer. His songs, written in the 1940s, is associated with Vietnam’s history. He was an outstanding musician of Vietnam’s contemporary music. PHAN HUYNH DIEU was one of the most renowned musicians of Vietnam’s revolutionary music. His compositions (whose melodies and lyrics embrace Vietnamese folk music), cover many themes. He was a king of setting music to poems. For him, always music and poetry are twin sisters, so, more than half of his works were poems set to music.

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