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FOUR SHADES OF CREATIVITY – Author’s journey where the Russian adjective “krasnyj” (now “red”) originally meant “beautiful”

The travel range offered by Russia is unlimited. Leave the preconceptions behind you, giving you an unforgettable journey of art and nature, with fascinating natural and architectural spectacles. With our journey of travel, you will travel with four people who were born in this sky, discovering – together with the fruits of their creativity – cities and ancient villages. Because Russia is not just Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Our trip begins in Davlekanovo, a town in the Republic of Bashkortostan located on the Dyoma River, west of Ufa. Coming from southern Russia and Samara, the first Mennonites settled near the city around 1890. The revolution had brought disasters to that settlement, because “red” and “white” hordes plundered all the time repeatedly.

In her works, she describes her characters through an apparently aseptic point of view, preferring to devote themselves to the description of their life. She, who has attended the U.S. dissident environments and who lives and grew up in Moscow, is the author of famous novels (such as “Funeral Party” and “The Lies of Women”). LJUDMILA ULICKAJA, the author of theatrical texts and novels, was born in Davlekanovo, the city of Central and Eastern Russia.

Kazan is a different Russia, with its own Kremlin (unique in the world), which houses a large mosque and an ancient cathedral. This is the sixth Russian city, and lies at the confluence of Volga with Kazanka: a city between two rivers and two cultures. The central Baimau ulitsa is a boulevard of shops and restaurants. The Kremlin stands on a hillside, inside you will find the Kul Sharif Mosque, the Annunciation Cathedral and the Syuyumbike Tower.

The Republic of Mari is located along the Volga River. Its territory is almost entirely flat, with 57% covered with forests. More than half the population speaks a second language, the tatara or the seas. Joškar-Ola is a true treasury of works of art, architecture, green areas and cultural parks. The Mari are of pagan religion and in connection with nature. For them, nature exerts a magical influence on people, serving as a source of absolute good that helps man, provided he does not damage it.

No Russian city has preserved such a large amount of monuments of architecture and painting. It is no coincidence that this city is considered a city-museum. In Velikij Novgorod it is impossible to distinguish where the city ends and the museum begins, among 50 Russian architecture monuments of the XI-XVII centuries. Absolutely not to be missed is the Vitoslavitsy Museum, popular wooden architecture.

KONSTANTIN KOROVIN was born in Moscow on a December day. Since 1900, his artistic work was also in favor of theaters. Painter, engraver and theater decorator, can be classified among the most famous Russian painters, because he is appreciated for his landscaping vein.

For more than 40 years she had been a royal presence on Moscow’s literary scene because she had a special aura from which everyone was magnetized. BELLA AKHMADULINA was born in Moscow in April 1937. In her poetic collections she has investigated the expressive horizons inherent in the fate of the intellectual in the modern world.

Since 2006, Olga is part of the female pop group Serebro, with whom she has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. She started studying at age 7, then graduating at the Art School, where she was able to study singing. In 2006 he graduated in translation. OLGA SERJABKINA, Russian singer and songwriter, was born in Moscow in April 1985. With the pseudonym of Holy Molly, in 2014 she started a solo project.

With more than 150 theaters, where performances are held each day (sometimes even more concurrently), Moscow is considered one of the major centers of the world’s theatrical art. The most famous theater? The Bolshoj. On stage there are opera and ballet works, but getting in is not easy (tickets are purchased several months in advance). The Lenkom is considered one of the best dramatic theaters in the city (in the Soviet era it was called “The Komsomol Theater of Lenin”).

In Moscow you can find great variety of restaurants with traditional Russian cuisine, along with high-end restaurants (such as Mari Vanna and Farenheit). Wherever you choose, do not forget a tip, between 5 and 10% of your account. On Red Square, if you are looking for a cheap place, on the third floor of the Gallerie Gum you will find the self service Stolovaya 57 with a wide variety of cheap fare.

BELLA AKHMADULINA, a Russian poet as her fellow poet Yevtushenko (to whom she was married), had been able to attract thousands of people to reading her poems. In Peredelkino – a place for artists and new wealthy people not far from Moscow – that distinctive feature of post-Stalinist Soviet literature went off on November 29, 2010.

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