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THE FUNERAL PARTY – Novel by Ljudmila Ulickaja

The protagonists of her tales have a strong personality. All of them are immersed in the historical reality and the concreteness of different biographical profiles. In her works, she describes her characters through an apparently aseptic point of view, preferring to devote themselves to the description of their life. She, who has attended the Russian dissident environments and who lives and grew up in Moscow, is the author of famous novels (such as “Funeral Party” and “The Lies of Women”). LJUDMILA ULICKAJA, the author of theatrical texts and novels, was born in Davlekanovo, a city in central and eastern Russia. Davlekanovo, a city in the Republic of Bashkortostan, is located on the Dyoma River, west of Ufa. Coming from southern Russia and Samara, the first Mennonites settled near the city around 1890. The revolution had brought disaster to that settlement, because hordes of “reds” and “whites” robbed all of it rudely.

Graduated at the Faculty of Genetics at Moscow State University, LJUDMILA ULICKAJA had worked at the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union, but was fired on charges of spreading forbidden books. She was in charge of the job and with the children to be maintained, in the 1980s she began her literary career. Her first English-language novel – “The funeral party” – was released in 2001 in the States. Her pages reported migrations from Russia in the Soviet era, celebrating the memory of Russian culture.

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