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RAIN FLOGS MY FACE – Bella Akhmadulina

For more than 40 years, she had been a royal presence on Moscow’s literary scene because she had a special aura from which everyone was magnetized. In the traditional metric system, she carried out a peculiar research on poetic language driven by the desire for purity expressive. Daughter of Tatar father and Italian mother, with a poetic collection of 1962, stood in the front row, in the new poetic generation of the thaw. BELLA AKHMADULINA, a Russian poet, was born in Moscow in April 1937. In her latest collections, she investigated the expressive horizons inherent in the fate of the intellectual in the modern world.

She had completed her education at the Gorky Literary Institute, then traveling to Central Asia. Although her work had prompted official criticism, she was eventually admitted to the Union of Soviet writers. Like her fellow poet Yevtushenko (whom she married), BELLA AKHMADULINA had been able to attract thousands of people to reading her poems. That distinctive voice of the post-Stalinist Soviet literature went off on 29 November 2010 in Peredelkino, Russia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1aYLd0-pII  In 1934, the intellectual Maksim Gorkij suggested allocating the area to the Union of Soviet writers to build cottages for associates. It was Peredelkino, a complex of dachas located twenty-five kilometers from Moscow. Surrounded by a large forest, it continues to be the residence of Russian writers, many of whom are buried in the local cemetery. After the collapse of the USSR, this place has become an awesome location for the abodes of the new rich.

RAIN FLOGS MY FACERain flogs my face and collar-bones, a thunderstorm roars over musts. You thrust upon my flesh and soul, like tempests upon ships do thrust. I do not want, at all, to know, what will befall to me the next, would I be smashed against my woe, or thrown into happiness. In awe and gaiety elated, like a ship, that’s going tempests through, I am not sorry that I’ve met you, and not afraid to love you, too.

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