Dwell outside of habits, while time passes

The story behind the name Meeting Benches is fascinating and full of meaning. Imagine a place, a park or a square, where the benches act as a meeting point for people. These benches become silent witnesses of chance encounters, deep conversations, love stories and moments of reflection. Meeting Benches is a tribute to these special places. It is an invitation to sit on one of these imaginary benches and share stories, emotions and thoughts. It is an invitation to meet art, creativity and humanity in a virtual place. Imagine sitting on one of these benches, surrounded by trees, with the sun filtering through the leaves. The articles offered by Meeting Benche are like people who pass by, sit next to you and start talking. Some are artists who share their works, others are travelers who tell their adventures. And then there are dreamers, who imagine fantastic worlds and paint them with words and colors.

In his poem “10 June”, the director Pier Paolo Pasolini explores the concept of borders through the image of a ruin, symbol of a past that becomes a place of presence and poetry. Other poems, for example, such as “No borders, only freedom”, celebrate the female universe and the fight for gender equality. Finally, Cesare Pavese, with his poem “Like a fruit among the branches”, expresses the fragility of existence and the search for meaning among the folds of memory. We want to propose a new one, created for this moment.

NO BORDERSNo borders, only freedom. Men and women walking together. Sisters and brothers, in equality they reveal the future. There is respect and love. In this short verse, the words chosen highlight the importance of breaking gender boundaries and embracing the freedom to be who you are. The poem suggests that only through unity and equality can we truly unlock a better future for all. The power of gender equality poems lies in their ability to inspire change. Through art it is possible to bring to light the challenges and difficulties faced by women and men. These poems can serve as a means to spark meaningful conversations about the need to overcome the boundaries of gender bias and work together for a more just world.

When the words of a poem highlight the importance of breaking boundaries, they suggest that only through equality can we unlock a better future. The power of gender equality poems lies in their ability to inspire change. Through art, the challenges and difficulties faced, certain poems can serve as a means to spark meaningful conversations about the need to overcome prejudices. We hope we have succeeded with this one, just written. HARMONIOUS WORDSIn words of peace and equality, men and women dance in symphony. The chorus of acceptance resonates, harmony in the disharmony of lost memories.

Certain poems evoke a sense of nostalgia, loneliness, and the search for meaning; those on the ruins represent the past, the traces of lives lived and forgotten. Let’s add a man and a woman, under the gray sky, as they scrutinize and seek each other, just as if they were destined to intertwine. They do not give a negative value to cracks in walls; for both they symbolize the imperfections of life and the possibility of new beginnings. Read it. LIKE RUINSThey dance in silence, feeling observed and judged, in the labyrinth of judgments and prejudices. Eyes as deep as the abyss of a fragile smile, in the heart of a square, among ruins where their restless gazes meet.

Finally, we want to offer you a poem that explores deep and evocative themes, immersing itself in a context of nostalgia, mystery and love, themes emerge that evoke time that passes slowly and the awareness of what has been. The voices of the past and the shadows create a mysterious atmosphere In summary, poetry captures the essence of the passing of time, with all its shades of human emotions and experiences. TIME FLOWSUnder a gray sky full of secrets, time becomes slow like a breath. They listen to voices of a past that becomes present. They look at shadows that intertwine like threads of a shared destiny between the cracks of the walls where they are born wild flowers. Under the gray sky they love each other, they lose each other, they find each other again.

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