AUTHOR’S TRAVEL WITH MEETING BENCHES – Evolution of Venezuelan art, from the intuitive use of colors to figurative aesthetic

On the third trip of Christopher Columbus, on August 1, 1498, three sailing ships touched the coasts of the island of Trinidad. However, the name Venezuela was attributed to the Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci, who year after sailed on the north coast of South America. Venezuela, a nation located north of South America, is a place full of beauty and contrasts, where you can enjoy unforgettable beaches, mountains and plains. During the trip which awaits you, we also recommend something to read (perhaps written by Venezuelan authors), such as Edgar Borges’s novel or poetic collection by Hanni Ossott, two Venezuelans, who remind you their land, even through the words.

Our travel through North Venezuela (km 736 in 10 hours by car) starts at Maracaibo (the second largest city in Country), on the homonymous lake, famous for its oil fields. Until the early eighteenth century this drenched city with a semi-arid tropical climate moderated by the afternoon breezes, was systematically robbed by pirates. Obviously, visiting Museum of Contemporary Art you will not find the ferocious pirate Henry Morgan. Here was born the venezuelan painter ANGEL RAMIRO SANCHEZ in 1974.

From Maracaibo to Valencia (553 km in 7 hours by car), you will arrive in the hometown of ARTURO MICHELENA (son of a painter. Here he was born in 1917. Museum of Modern Art in the city carries his name OSWALDO VIGAS was also born in Valencia, but his creative work are between France and Venezuela. There were no enough spaces for him to intervene with his artistic talent.

From Valencia to Caracas (167 km in 2 hours by car), you will arrive in a city, which offers great opportunities to expand your Venezuelan pictorial horizon, starting at the Museo de Bellas Artes to admire (among many masterpieces) some works of plastic artist BRAULIO SALAZAR. In the Alejandro Otero Museum is visible a wall (in the Miraflores Palace, second vitreous mural). In in the parish of Altagracia, there is National Pantheon (altar of the Venezuelan Patria), where the remains of important national personalities are preserved, including those, of the painter Arturo Michelena.

From Caracas to Petar (15 km in half an hour), where BARBARO RIVAS was born in 1893. He did not attended the school or even any painters course, growing in the practice of the Catholic faith, but discovered his passion for painting, realizing wall paintings in this city. to Visit the Museum of Popular Art holding his name, to observe Bible themes and religious festivals themes artworks.

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