OSWALDO VIGAS (1923/2014), VENEZUELAN PAINTER – No matter what you use, as long as the expressive horizon is vast


OSWALDO VIGAS 1/3 – He was born in Valencia (Carabobo, Venezuela) in 1923, but his job varied between France and Venezuela. Venezuelan painter and muralist has originally been able to blend his Latin American roots with the artistic currents of his temporal horizon of life. He studied medicine, but his creative work embraced great expressive horizon, with painting and sculpture, engraving, ceramics and tapestries. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHdU0vQ3P1A He was still a child when, in 1942, he made his first works, sent them to the poetry drawing room (at the Ateneo de Valencia), obtaining a prize.

OSWALDO VIGAS 2/3 – In 1945 he entered University of Merida to study medicine and four years later he was in Caracas, where he completed his medical studies, still remained involved in the artistic movement of those years. In 1952 he was awarded with the Arturo Michelena Prize at the Ateneo de Valencia and also the National Art Prize (which gave him the opportunity to settle in Paris). In Caracas he was appointed director of the Inciba Art Division. In the early 1972 he traveled to the United States, devoting himself to the development of a series of screen-prints. Proud of expressing himself outside the academic art models had consolidated his own figurative aesthetic, at least since 1952. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwjXY5OnMF0

OSWALDO VIGAS 3/3 – For him, there were no impossible surfaces to work with in his work: special papers and large canvases, but also clay were the basis for expressing his creativity. He created murals for the project of the Central University of Venezuela, repeated experience in 2005 with trilogy murals for the architectural complex of Banesco (in Caracas). He has done more than a hundred personal exhibitions, and his work is represented in institutions and collections around the world. He is remembered as one of the most prestigious Venezuelan artists of the twentieth century. https://diattaart.wordpress.com/2015/07/16/artist-of-the-moment-oswaldo-vigas/

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