BRAULIO SALAZAR (1917/2008), VENEZUELAN PAINTER – From Realism to Cubism


BRAULIO SALAZAR 1/3 – The Museum of Modern Art in his hometown takes his name. The child, who later became a plastic artist was born in Valencia (Carabobo, Venezuela), in a house at El Sol street (now Paez Street, two blocks from the Cabriales River) in 1917. He universalized his city, river with its characters and scenarios with his self-taught works. In 1928 he began painting, organizing his first exhibition at a liquor store in 1935. Because of disease, physicians forbade him to paint with chemicals, which led him to create natural colors and other natural substances.

BRAULIO SALAZAR 2/3 – In 1937 he attended courses at the Caracas Plastic Arts School. In 1985, the National Art Gallery of Venezuela had an anthology of his works. From 1959 his interest in symbolic realism diminished, but his interest in color usage increased. This new attention to plasticity allows him to work on the human figures in landscapes in the sixties. Https:// In 1976 he won the National Artistic Prize.

BRAULIO SALAZAR 3/3 – In 1945 he founded a painting school in Valencia, which he directed until his retirement. In 1948, he traveled to Mexico to study the technique of fresco painting (two years later, he also traveled to France and Italy). In 1982 he created a glass wall painted for the Alejandro Otero Museum, and in 1989 the other vitreous mural for the Miraflores Palace in Caracas. In the last few years of his life he suffered with severely degenerative disease. He died at the age of 91 in 2008.

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