VENEZUELAN POETRY – Hanni Ossott, Everything and Nothing

She obtained José Antonio Ramos Sucre Prize and the Lazo Martí Prize, continuing to work as a literary translator and critic. Hanni Ossott was born in Caracas on February 14th, 1946, and the perception of that day accompanied her life as a Venezuelan poet, till the time she died in 2002. Graduated in 1975, she began to hold seminars at the Neumann Institute of Design. In 1978 she held a chair at the Faculty of Letters, but also worked as in the Department of Literary Disciplines. Https:// To continue studies on Plato and Heraclitus went to Greece, at the University of Athens, with full command of seven languages. Later she moved to London to study philosophy, translating poems by Rainer Maria Rilke and Emily Dickinson.

BEINGI am on an endless beach, my soul unfolds unadvised towards a strange nothingness. I know nothing of my name, of my body absolved of all being, of all obligation. I surrender myself, alone, to the warmth. I drowse. Infinite, I am this sand that erases me, that I want to be.

PITYMy heart is trembling asking for the words, the voracious words a man’s glance his disembodied gestures, the moon and splendor the boredoms. Enumerations. All because of the mystery crossing me. The interrogation.

SKY, YOUR BIG ARCHIf it doesn’t come, if it doesn’t arrive let it be. That is there, always like a convocation. If it doesn’t come, wait. The moon’s song has its time.

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