CLIFF OF MOHER, IRELAND: An itinerary that is worth a trip

baia.1True, my Irish coasts confirm a rule geographic: the lands exposed to the west are the most beautiful. Certainly will be your eyes, however, to judge what my already know, but the fact that I am an Irishman (madly in love of my land), nothing detracts from what nature has given abundantly to my homeland.

Finian I am, and I’ll take you to the next places that the human imagination can not conceive, but you will need to have with you a handkerchief (not a problem of wind that bothers your eyes, but to the primitive state of emotion). In Bantry Bay and the Fjord of Kenmare, we’ll look at two breathtaking scenery, we will overcome the Dingle Peninsula and – after the city of Limerick – we will find ourselves in front of the Cliff of Moher, the charm was rough.2.1

Before leaving, pick you up at the hotel. We have a pub, beer and good music. Irish, of course.


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