A MOMENT FROM AMAZING: Cape Sounion, 70 km from Athens

1.1Hello, welcome to Greece, my name is Alexis. I would like to have you with me a couple of days, to get to a promontory – Cape Sounion – located on the southern tip of Attica, Greece, 70 km from Athens, but only for a moment from the gates of the wonder. In a place not to be missed, I want you to see the remains of an ancient greek temple dedicated to Poseidon (but also the temple of Athena. The location is exceptionally scenic – just above the sea – and we will wait the sunset, to breathe ‘ emotion of the colors that embrace the night, caressed by the light wind that accompanies the arrival of the stars.2.1

One thing I will urge you: do not write your name on the stones. If you want, you can observe, however, a name carved on the rock, that of a special traveler – Lord Byron – who left a pillar of the temple, the task of perpetuating the amazement of a distant sunny day. Returning to Athens, we will cross the city of Lavrion and Peania, but it will be only tomorrow morning we can visit the Cave of Peania, to find a different shade of supore, underground, among the stalactites and stalagmites the most beautiful of Greece.




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