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STROVE TO LOOSEN POETRY FROM TRADITIONAL FORMS – Xu Zhimo, Made contributions to modern Chinese literature.

Naturalize Western forms, into modern poetry. About its notable people, Xu Zhimo, an early 20th-century poet. Town it is in the south side of Yangtze River Delta, and in the north of Zhejiang. In 1949 was occupied by the Communist Army, and the county government was relocated to Xiashi Town. Hǎiníng is known for its leather industry and its leather-silhouette …

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LYRICAL INTERTWINING OF SOLITUDE – Noh Cheonmyeong, an early-modern South Korean Poet.

Expanding upon the themes melancholy, solitude and love. It is a city in North Korea, only 8 km from the DMZ with South Korea. Kaesong featuring one of the best-preserved “old towns” in the country. The citadel used to have seven gates, but only Nam Gate is left. Here you can also visit Panmunjeom, village divided between two Koreas, the …

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WE ARE GOING – Oodgeroo Noonuccal / Let no one say the past is dead, the past is all about us and within.

Dreaming about totem, carpet snake and sense of injustice. Considered the first of the modern-day Aboriginal writers her first volume of poetry is the first book by an Aboriginal woman published. Her original Anglo-Australian name it was Kathleen Jean Mary Ruska. She was born in a November day, 1920 in Australia, becoming Australian Aboriginal writer and political activist, but her …

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